Nulgath's Birthday Shop Is Live

Glisel | Monday, January 4, 2021

Celebrate Nulgath's birthday!

January 16th is Nulgath's birthday! Darkon created two new companion collectors prints, and we are bringing back the original set! Go to to add to your collection or start one by collecting all four prints to unlock the New Bonus Soultaker of Darkness Armor set in AdventureQuest Worlds!


Collecting All Four? Darkon Crafted Bonus Rewards. Soul Taker of Darkness Armor Set, Weapons and Pets!


  • Soul Taker of Darkness Armor (AQW)
  • Soul Taker Of Darkness Hair Helm (AQW)
  • Soul Taker Wings CC Cape (AQW)
  • Soul Taker Wings Cape (AQW)
  • Eye Of The Nation Sword (AQW)
  • Eye Of The Legion Sword (AQW)
  • Claws and Head of Darkon Pet (AQW)
  • Legion Seraph Minion Pet (AQW)
  • Darkon's Underworld Set Badge (AQW)


Darkon's New Prints and Rewards!

These new prints serve as companion pieces filled with friends and followers of their masters!New Prints!

"Fiends of the Apocalypse" Print

- Dragon Head of Darkon Cape (AQW)

- Dragon Head Of Darkon Helm (AQW)

- Fiends of the Apocalpyse Badge (AQW)

"Followers of the Underworld" Print

- Legion Seraph Wings Cape (AQW)

- Legion Seraph Visage Helm (AQW)

- Followers of the Underworld Badge (AQW)

Returning Print Combo Reward

- SoulTakers Of Nulgath Dagger (AQW)

- Followers and Fiends Badge (AQW)



Darkon's Returning Collector's Prints and Rewards!

The original masters of darkness are coming back to the everlasting war with their army of minions!

"Warpath to Apocalypse" Print

- Claws Of Darkon Cape (AQW)

- Warpath to Apocalypse Badge (AQW)

"Battle for the Underworld" Print

- Legion Seraph Rune Cape (AQW)

- Battle for the Underworld Badge (AQW)

New Print Combo Reward

- SoulTaker of the Legion Sword (AQW)

- Underworld and Apocalypse Badge (AQW)

If you have any questions about your order, please contact the HeroMart Support team through our Help Pages.

Battle on!

Artix, Stryche & the HeroMart Team

See you in HeroMart!


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