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Nulgath's Arsenal

Nightwraith | Thursday, June 16, 2022

Nulgath's Arsenal

The Overfiend's influence has once again permeated the barrier between Delta V and his own cursed realm! Awesome artists Bido and Tomcat have crafted a bounty of new fiendish weapons and items to add to the PvP drop pool. Collect them all to receive incredible rewards in a new mission chain!

  • Weapons
    • Overfiend Nemesis Slayer P
    • Overfiend Nemesis Slayer E
    • Overfiend Nemesis Blades P
    • Overfiend Nemesis Blades E
    • Overfiend Nemesis Axe P
    • Overfiend Nemesis Axe E
    • Overfiend Nemesis Staff P
    • Overfiend Nemesis Staff E
    • Infernal Overfiend Slayer P
    • Infernal Overfiend Slayer E
    • Infernal Overfiend Blades P
    • Infernal Overfiend Blades E
    • Infernal Overfiend Axe P
    • Infernal Overfiend Axe E
    • Infernal Overfiend Staff P
    • Infernal Overfiend Staff E


  • Home Items
    • Overfiend's Crest
    • Infernal Overfiend's Crest
    • Overfiend's Nemesis Crest
    • Overfiend Nemesis Slayer
    • Infernal Overfiend Slayer
    • Wrath of Nulgath P
    • Wrath of Nulgath E
    • Overfiend's Nemesis Head


Nulgath's Collection

Collect the new PvP weapon drops to complete the Nulgath's Arsenal mission chain available at Dage the Evil. Completing this chain will reward large quantities of Credits, two rare new swords (Wrath of Nulgath P and E), and the Nulgath Collector 2022 achievement!


Epic Pride

The new Epic Pride achievement is available in the Seasonal section of the Achievement Shop!


Burrito's Return

Suggestion weapons added to Nightwraith as LQ

  • Burrito Blade P
  • Burrito Blade E


Anti-Titan Cores

An unlockable shop has been added to allow repurchasing of anti-Nightmare Titan cores. The vendor is revealed after completing the "Godkiller "mission. This change is designed to help people who sold the Titan cores after completing the quest but need them again to complete other missions that require defeating Nightmare Titan.

  • Titan Shot
  • Titan Blast
  • Titan Guard
  • Titan Bane


Still in progress:

Join us next week for the grand opening of the new Central Station bar and lounge and finally challenge Acatriel to a duel to remember!

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