October 2019 Event Calendar

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October 2019 Event Calendar

Alina | Friday, June 26, 2020

Log in all month long as we celebrate our 11th anniverday! Birthday gifts, free AdventureCoins, and new achievement tracker rewards, plus an all-new birthday adventure in the Mirror Realm! Discover what happened to Lycan Queen Safiria, upgrade to unlock exclusive Star Swords, and more this month.

October 1:

11th Upholder Begins
ChronoStriker seasonal showcase set arrives

October 4: 
Mogloween Hub town returns w/ Bubble's Candy Challenge
Enchanted ShadowFlame Witch upgrade bonus set
The First Birthday Gift
Return of Taco Day 

October 11: 11th birthday event in the Mirror Realm
The Second Birthday Gift
Event rare gear

October 18: 
Return to the Sheevra Masquerade 
New Achievement Tracker awards

October 25: New Mogloween event for 2019 (BEEP BEEP, Hero! Get ready to float away on a sugary, candy-filled balloon!)

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