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Alina | Monday, September 10, 2018

After battling fire-breathing dragons, hordes of undead, and the odd orc or seven, sometimes all a hero wants to do is accept the quest to kick back and talk with their friends. Join us to talk about Artix Entertainment's games on our official Discord Server and get your Chat On!

Check out the server guidelines:
Get a server invite link: join us on Discord

This is a pretty big step for our community, as we seek to bring everyone together in a real-time chat environment. A couple important points to remember:

  • Site alignment: Lawful Good. The main goal of our Discord server is to bring players together and let everyone have fun!
  • Fan Discord servers are still allowed and encouraged. Our official server is run by Artix Entertainment, but we welcome anyone who wants to create their own "home server" and discuss AE games with their friends.
  • The server follows AQ3D's "T for Teen" chat rating. You may see moderate profanity, but harassing and attacking other players is still not allowed.
  • Our moderators are there to help keep the server a friendly and fun hangout. It is a more casual place to hang out and chat, and we hope you'll help us keep it that way!


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