Omega Pirate Captain Promo

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Omega Pirate Captain Promo

Nightwraith | Friday, June 26, 2020

It's finally time to say goodbye to the Infernal Gladiator items and offer a big hearty "YAAAAR!" to the new Pirate-themed gear, arriving just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day! Be sure to take a look at the other seasonal pirate items available throughout the West Naval Yard while they last!


Omega Pirate Captain Promo

Power up with with a hearty bounty of 12 items courtesy of the artistry of Deuce! This package also includes a revamped armor designed way back by guest artist Vorzy and revamped for 2019 with a new active core and new accents!


Package Contents

  • Caped Omega Pirate Captain
  • Omega Pirate Captain Armor
    • Captain's Charge - With low HP (45%), attack with an uppercut to reduce Strength and Support by 40 and decrease Defense/Resistance 40% for 3 turns
  • Buccaneer Battlegear P
  • Buccaneer Battlegear E
  • Buccaneer Claymore P
  • Buccaneer Claymore E
  • Buccaneer Cutlass P
  • Buccaneer Cutlass E
    • Tentacle Prison - Summon tentacles to trap target and disable melee attacks for 2 turns.*This core can sometimes freeze NPCs when used on them. They recover after their timer runs out, but it can be a way to get 2 free rounds of damage on a boss.
  • Buccaneer Shotgun P
  • Buccaneer Shotgun E
    • Corrosive Shot - 15% defense ignore, reduces Defense/Resistance 15% for 3 turns.
  • Buccaneer Cannon P
  • Buccaneer Cannon E
    • Molten Shrapnel - Embed super-heated shrapnel into target. Strike target to detonate, adding 8% damage per turn the target was hit (max 3 turns)


Friday the 13th

Caden is stocked with his seasonal Friday the 13th gear. It won't be around long this time, so get it while you can! Rumor has it that he's also conjuring new weapons to bolster his stock which should arrive in next week's update! Remember to pick up the Friday the 13th Achievement if you didn't already get it!

Also, Dage's seasonal birthday items which were restocked in honor of his wedding will be leaving next Saturday!



  • Hatchling Rush: 100% damage instead of 85%
  • Smoke Screen:  Adjusted increase per level to be smoother. Level 1-4 (+3), Level 5-7 (+2), Level 8-10 (+1)

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