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Preview: Oracle Class

Beleen | Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Deal damage and debilitate foes with Time Vortex, Cosmic Shadow, Reset Variance, Threads of Fate, and Cosmic Reverberation! Here’s your first glimpse at the esoteric Oracle Class.

Embrace the allure of the arcane as an Oracle! Oracles are no mere mortals – they are conduits of cosmic power, where the very fabric of fate bends to their will. Oracles are mysterious beings who possess the ability to peer into the tapestry of destiny and manipulate its threads with finesse and ferocity.

As a damaging support class, the Oracle wields their otherworldly powers to deal damage and debuff enemies. They are effective team members in any party but also do well in solo adventures. Oracles have positional skillshots and big AoEs meant to ensnare enemies. The arsenal of skills commanded by the Oracle are Cosmic Shadow, Reset Variance, Time Vortex, Threads of Fate, and Cosmic Reverberation.

Auto Attack

Repeatedly hit the target with bursts of magical power.

Cosmic Shadow

Unleash the power of Cosmic Shadow, a spectral spear of ethereal energy that cuts through monsters with lethal precision. This ranged attack allows Oracles to attack their enemies from afar – and further. Cosmic Shadow spears the first enemy and hits those behind it, applying the debuff Bad Omen.”

Reset Variance

The mastery of Reset Variance sets the Oracle Class apart. Pro tip: run in and throw down Time Vortex (the next class skill), use Cosmic Shadow to deal decent ranged damage, and then when something is low, Reset Variance and throw down the next Vortex. With every calculated kill, the Oracle’s cooldowns are reset, ready to release their wrath once more. Also applies “Bad Omen.”

Time Vortex

Harness the might of the Time Vortex, a swirling maelstrom of temporal energy that rends flesh, slows reality, and applies the stacking debuffBad Omen” to all enemies in the AoE. Bad Omen increases damage taken by the enemy by 5% per stack. 25% is the max stack of Bad Omen. 

Threads of Fate

When the stars align and the time is right, destiny beckons to invoke the Threads of Fate. The Oracle’s Ultimate Skillsevers the lifelines of their foes, instantly cutting the target’s current HP by 50% – although the max is 5% against bosses. Threads of Fate is merciless as it descends a full stack of Bad Omen upon the enemy, sealing their fate with an unbreakable bond of doom. This skill is the ideal choice to use at the beginning of a battle.   

Cosmic Reverberation

Pull power from the cosmos and mark an enemy with a Cosmic Reverberation! This is the Oracle Class Cross Skillwhich heals all allies who attack the marked target.

Oracle Incoming

We really hope you enjoyed this Oracle Class preview. I know I did – and it’s not just because I wrote these Design Notes :p Big shoutouts to Clarion and Blaze for helping me put this together for you. Please note that Oracle Class is currently in the testing and balancing phase, so what you see here may or may not be changed when the Oracle Class is released. Speaking of which… 

We are sorry Oracle is taking way longer than expected. But we are happy to have you along for the journey, no matter how many literal Time Vortexes are thrown in the way. We will let you know an updated timeframe as soon as Oracle Class approaches completion so we can all witness the true power of arcane unleashed!

Battle on,
Beleen, Clarion, Blaze, and the AQ3D team

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