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The Oracle Class is here!

Clarion | Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Oracle has arrived

The time has come, heroes! Brace yourselves, for now you can harness the power of the Oracle Class in AdventureQuest 3D! Oracles are the very essence of cosmic might manifested. When you enter the realm of these formidable fate-benders, you’ll master the Time Vortex, Cosmic Shadow, Reset Variance, Threads of Fate, and Cosmic Reverberation. 

With precision skill shots and expansive AoEs, Oracles ensnare and annihilate their foes with their arsenal of abilities.


Master Oracle’s Skills

Auto Attack
Strike repeatedly with bursts of magical energy, overwhelming your enemies with relentless force.

Cosmic Shadow 
Launches a spectral spear of ethereal energy that slices through foes with deadly precision. This ranged attack not only hits its mark but also pierces enemies behind it, inflicting the "Bad Omen" debuff. Bad Omen increases damage taken by the enemy by 5% per stack. 25% is the max stack of Bad Omen.

Reset Variance
Mastering Reset Variance is the hallmark of an Oracle. Launch a Time Vortex, strike from afar with Cosmic Shadow, and when your enemy is near defeat, Reset Variance to unleash another Vortex. Each calculated kill resets your cooldowns, readying you for your next strike. This skill also applies Bad Omen.

Time Vortex
Control the battlefield with a swirling maelstrom of temporal energy. This AoE attack slows reality, rends flesh, and places Bad Omen on all enemies caught within. 

Threads of Fate
Invoke the ultimate power of the Oracle. Threads of Fate cuts the target’s current HP by 50% instantly (5% max against bosses) and descends a full stack of Bad Omen upon them, binding their fate to doom. Use this skill at the beginning of the battle for maximum impact.

Cosmic Reverberation
Channel cosmic power to mark an enemy, healing all allies who strike the marked target. This cross skill is essential for bolstering your team’s endurance.

No matter if they are friend or foe, Oracles are formidable beings who bend fate to their will. Their mastery over cosmic forces makes them unparalleled in battle, weaving devastation and destiny with precision and power. Embrace the arcane, and step into the shoes of an Oracle to wield these otherworldly abilities. BTW, we let our players vote, so Oracle Class has arrived now without its Legendary Armor set. That set will come at a later date!


Seek out Lothain the Oracle Trainer

Do you dare control time, shroud your enemies in shadows, and alter the threads of fate itself? Then join the ranks of the Oracle Class and become the newest legend in Lore! 

The cosmos awaits your command… seek out Lothain in Battleon if you are ready to answer the call!


Paladin Class Revamp

We’re examining adjustments to class mechanics to enhance their overall experience. During my playthrough on stream, I noticed that some classes had downtime or lacked impact. Our goal is to gradually address this by introducing class rebalancing. Ultimately, we want every class to be enjoyable to play!

Paladin Changes:

  • Ardent Virtue: Stacks of Ardent Virtue now refresh the cooldown of Radiant Blade once consumed.
  • Holy Shield: The baseline duration of Holy Shield's duration has been altered from 1.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds but the upgraded version has been changed from 3.5 to 5 seconds.

Starting with Paladin we are making some changes to the way Paladin’s Ardent Virtue works. Moving forward, Ardent Virtue will refresh the cooldown of Radiant Blade when consumed. This will offer more uptime on the ability giving you more time to press the fun button, but… It also opens the paladin up to lining up a few stacks of Ardent Virtue and unleashing a barrage of multiple Radiant Blades at once during an armor break to snapshot that damage in that window. This allows the paladin to come up with more strategies! Will you weave in your Radiant Blade strikes between your other cooldowns? Will you save them for an armor break? The choice is yours!

The Ardent Virtue changes are not the only tweaks we made to the paladin class. Holy Shield now lasts longer, too! I believe these class changes should solidify the class fantasy of being a heavily armored champion of the light.


Umm… surprise!?

So… While writing these design notes I found out some class changes that had been in testing made it to live by mistake! We will be monitoring how they change the game. 

So… While writing these design notes I found out some class changes that had been in testing made it to live by mistake! We will be monitoring how they change the game. 

  • Warrior

    • Whirlwind: Maximum Protection stacks increased from 12 to 9001.
  • Rogue

    • Toxic Surge: Max stack bonus increased from 4 to 8.
  • Mage

    • Fire Ball: Fire Aspect maximum stacks increased from 3 to 9001.
  • Healer

    • Renew: Kinship maximum stacks increased from 40 to 9001.
  • Berserker

    • Battle Fervor: Battle Fervor now makes the Berserker unstoppable.

June Promo: Rubber Ducky Hat, House Item, and 50% bonus DCs

What the duck is that?! Now you can totally ‘wing it’ with the adorably awesome Rubber Ducky Hat! To adopt your feathered friend, just purchase any package in the upgrade shop, score 50% extra Dragon Crystals, AND as an added bonus, you’ll unlock the Rubber Ducky House Item. For those who get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the exclusive bubble-blowing variant helm. Because bubbles rule. And so do you! Thank you for helping support AQ3D – we love that you love us (and rubber duckies too)! 


New Contest: Co-Op Sandbox

Unleash your creativity in our Co-Op Sandbox Contest! Team up with friends to build incredible things using the new Multi-Build house feature. The contest runs until Wednesday, June 19, with prizes up to 6,000 Dragon Crystals for the top team. Submit your multi-build masterpieces and you + your team will have a chance of being crowned “Sandbox Supreme.”
Full contest details here!


Artix Summer Postcard Contest

Celebrate the sizzle of summer with our first-ever Artix Summer Postcard Contest, where artists and writers alike can showcase their talents. Create Artix-themed postcards using any art medium and/or write a short fanfic on the back! Artix Points prizes for our winners! Open to all Artix Entertainment players from every Artix game. Contest runs until Sunday, June 30, 2024. Unleash your creativity and let’s make waves this summer! 

Battle on,
Clarion, Artix, Beleen, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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