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Player Housing and Parkour Testing Underway

Beleen | Saturday, January 27, 2024

The PTR server is abuzz with players creating their dream houses – and you can even design an insane Parkour map too 😳 We invite you to test out these new game features! Here’s how.

In a literal groundbreaking move, AQ3D has laid the foundation for Player Housing! This revolutionary feature has players across Lore buzzing with excitement—and for good reason. The introduction of customizable Housing ~and~ the ability to create custom Parkour courses is legitimately transforming the gaming landscape! 

We invite you to break free from conventional constraints and unleash your creativity like never before. Come help us test the new Player Housing features on PTR!

Wait… what’s PTR?

PTR stands for Public Test Realm. This is a magical place where AQ3D plops all the new things we’re working on behind the scenes. So if you’re down to demo, then join us on PTR!

How to get on PTR?

It’s simple! Sorta. PTR is only for PC and Mac users on Steam, but it’s pretty straightforward once you’re in your Steam Library.

  1. Right click AdventureQuest 3D on the left side of the Steam library screen
  2. Click on Properties in the dropdown  
  3. Click Betas, and then where it says Beta Participation, click on the right dropdown that says None
  4. Now click on publictest – PTR  
  5. The AQ3D name on the left will change to [publictest]
  6. After a very small update, the green Play button will allow you to enter the PTR 

And now that you’re in PTR… let the craziness commence!

Talk to Twilly, the Harbinger of Housing Havoc

Red moglins on the Battleon bridge always have the best stuff. Twilly will introduce you to Player Housing and has a shop that includes 2 House Maps and a handful of Test House Items. Some items stack up to 99, so yeeeaaah have fun with that 🫡


Once you’ve purchased everything you desire (for the low low price of 0 gold!), now you’re ready to access the Housing icon in the game menu. After clicking, you can either view Public Houses, or hit the orange + symbol to create your first home. 

Freely name your House – or forest Parkour map – and set the number of invited players. I went wild and put 2000. But apparently, some daring gamers set their maps to 9999 visitors, so um, yeah, I couldn’t imagine the lag that would happen there with all my fireworks that I loovvve to set off, lol!   

House Building 101: Ignore Gravity & Ignite Imagination

Imagine a world where gravity is merely a suggestion and your imagination knows no bounds. With AQ3D's new Housing feature, you can now freely rotate, scale, stack, levitate, distort, and place objects ANYWHERE within your virtual abodes.

Whether you're constructing a majestic castle or a whimsical treehouse nestled in the heart of a mystical forest… made from armoires and teddy bears?… the Housing possibilities are as vast as Lore itself!

The freedom to manipulate furniture has given rise to inspiring creations that defy the laws of gravity… and traditional architecture. Players are placing objects to create crazy floating Parkour courses, rotating structures to challenge spatial perception, and even forcing Teddy Bears into the floor in order to create bear-skin rugs… or something diabolical like that 🧸

The creativity here is unlike ANYTHING anyone has EVER seen before! 

Hardcore Parkour: Challenge Accepted

Oohh the excitement doesn't stop at Player Housing. AQ3D has also introduced the ability to craft custom Parkour courses, turning Lore into a playground of challenges and surprises! Our creative players are already designing intricate mazes and daring parkour routes that I cannot seem to complete past the 3rd jump. Proof: 

And this is only the beginning! Just wait until more things are added in!! Like, maybe, laser beams?💥

There are already dozens of player-created maps to explore, and each one is unique in its own way! Go check ‘em out… or create your own custom Parkour adventure course!

The Testing Phase Continues 

Remember! Player Housing and Parkour are still in the testing phase, so things will get even better in time. But! The feedback we’re already receiving from our community has been overwhelmingly positive 😍 Players are praising the devs for unveiling a new level of creativity, personalization, and customization within AQ3D, and for that we are all so thankful!!!

But of course we could NOT have done this without YOU! The PTR phase is a collaborative effort with players providing valuable insights and suggestions to refine Housing features even further. Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

Home sweet hwhatthehecc? Is that house made of Treasure Chests with Cabinets for the roof?!? 👀

The Future of AQ3D: Nearly Limitless Creativity

With customizable Player Housing and Parkour maps on the horizon, the future of AQ3D looks brighter and more diverse than ever before. Players and devs alike are eagerly awaiting the official Housing release – which should be in a few months 🤞 – since this will take creative expression to the next level. AQ3D is not just a game; it's becoming a canvas for players to bring their creativity to life! 

Stay tuned as Lore transforms into a realm where gravity is merely ‘meh’ and every Housing map becomes an atlas for imagination. The AQ3D community is at the forefront of a revolution… and the journey has only just begun, heroes!

Battle on,
Beleen, Broomtool, Yergen, Charfade, and the AQ3D team 

PS: Don’t have Steam, or is PTR not working for some reason? No worries! Our awesome community creators like Gold Raven and Lag have wonderful videos that you can live vicariously through. Be sure to leave them a Like and a Comment to help support their channels! 🐦‍⬛+😸=💖

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