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Quest for the Cosmic Countenance

Clarion | Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The Quest Continues for the Cosmic Helm

The search for the Cosmic Raiment set continues this week in AdventureQuest 3D. Head to the Loremaster’s Lodge in Battleon and speak with Loremaster Hazel to either continue the questline or start it if you’re new. Your task is to collect the various pieces of the Cosmic Raiment. Once you complete this week’s addition, the armor set will be fully assembled, with only the weapons remaining.


Retrieve Lost Gear

Players have expressed their desire for ways to obtain items that were originally one-time quest rewards, especially in cases where they accidentally delete or sell them. I can relate—I recently sold some pauldrons during my playthrough of Ashfall, assuming they’d be recoverable. To address this, head to Ashfall and seek out the Dragonslayer Quartermaster, Senna. She’ll provide you with the lost Dragon Stalker armor pieces, which can be crafted. This marks the initial step in reintroducing ‘Lost Items’ to the game, with the next addition being the Classic Paladin armor set.


New Promo Item: Rubber Ducky Helm

What the duck is that?! Starting this week, you can totally ‘wing it’ with the adorably awesome Rubber Ducky Helm! Just look at that wittle wellow birb boi perched perfectly upon your head. Good thing he’s potty trained, huh? To adopt your feathered friend, just purchase any package in the upgrade shop, score 50% extra Dragon Crystals, AND as an added bonus, you’ll unlock the Rubber Ducky House Item. For those who get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the exclusive bubble-blowing variant helm! Thank you all so much for helping support AQ3D – we love that you love us! 


New Contest: Co-Op Sandbox

Unleash your creativity in our Co-Op Sandbox Contest! Team up with friends to build incredible things using the new Multi-Build house feature. The contest runs from June 5 - 19, with prizes up to 6,000 Dragon Crystals for the top team. Submit your multi-build masterpieces and you + your team will have a chance of being crowned “Sandbox Supreme.” Full contest details here!

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