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Rare Cursed Set + Pet

Alina | Friday, January 29, 2021

Available from your Featured Gear Shop this month!

From deep beneath the depths of Dage and Nulgath's Underworlds, where untold horrors dwell, lies the home of a fiendish Overlord. This weekend, his minion has come to the surface to offer YOU the curse (and power) that his items bring. Find the Cursed OverLord's Minion in your Featured Gear Shop until August 31st, then it goes rare... FOREVER. Buy the the pet to unlock the entire set for 0 ACs.

The Cursed OverLord's Minion pet's shop contains:

  • Cursed Overlord armor
  • Cursed Overlord helm and morph helm
  • Cursed Overlord Blade and Polearm
  • Cursed Double Wings, Runed Wings, and Summon Circle capes

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