Rare Monster Hunt - Kero the Chronocroaker

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Rare Monster Hunt - Kero the Chronocroaker

Hollow | Friday, March 1, 2024

Rare Monster Hunt - Kero the Chronocroaker:

Join the leap year excitement as we pay homage to a beloved classic RPG, and a favorite among many of the AQ Team. Wracked with guilt for failing his duty and mentor, Kero the ChronoCroaker was cast into your path by the Void's whims! Your presence triggered something in his curse, driving him to attack! Can you set him on the path to escaping his froggone fate?

Encounter Kero randomly in your adventures all across Lore. Seize the moment before he vanishes into the temporal abyss, for his appearance is as fleeting as the second hand of a clock!

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