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Nightwraith | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Can you feel it? Gifting is mere hours away and here's a small preview of what's to come in this new update!

Tomorrow around 12PM EST, EpicDuel will reboot and the new season of gifting will begin! With this new beginning, new promotional packages will enter the Varium shop to replace the 35K Varium package and Pirate Captain promotion!


Omega Frost Slayer Pack

These new weapons designed by Lae are the evolution of the Frost Slayer and Frost Destroyer weapons of old. Welcome Winter season and the new year with a bang with these exciting new weapons and cores!

  • Omega Frost Slayer P
  • Omega Frost Slayer E
  • Omega Frost Destroyer P
  • Omega Frost Destroyer E
    •  Frozen Fist: Deal 105% Primary damage, increasing by 5% per round, (150% max)
  • Omega Frostbite Blaster P
  • Omega Frostbite Blaster E
    • Frozen Rift: Opens an icy rift, dealing Sidearm damage plus 8% of your target's max Health (Max 400)
  • Omega Frostbite Cannon P
  • Omega Frostbite Cannon E
    • Tactical Reload (Aux): Get a free reload of your Auxiliary, bypassing cooldown.

This promotional package will include the evolving Epic Supporter 2019 Achievement!


15K Gifting Boost

For those not interested in new weapons and cores, the 15K Varium package is returning to meet your gifting needs. This promotional package will also include the evolving Epic Supporter 2019 Achievement!


Diamonds Are Forever

Gifting is a great opportunity to increase your rating points to the maximum, and this year we've raised the cap to include 2 new star rating tiers: Diamond and Regal Diamond! Can you max out your ratings and achieve EpicDuel immortality?



  • For Blood Mages, Maestrom was adjusted reduce a target's energy by 26% of damage
  • Improbability Gate has been buffed to deal Aux damage plus 8% of your target's max Health (Max 400)
  • Wolf's Fury has been nerfed to 20% Stun/Crit chance
  • Higher level battle achievements have been increased to reflect the work involved in achieving them:
    • Grand Emperor: 8000
    • Legend: 12000
    • Epic Legend: 15000
    • Eternal Legend: 23000
    • Demigod: 30000

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