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Reimagined: Azaveyr

Dove | Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Hey there, heroes!

This week's release sees a return to Azaveyr! The capitol of the Shapeless Empire, Nieboheim has opened up a bit more. Explore more of the First Halo, meeting its residents and learning more about their culture.

The region of Tkaanie has also opened up a little with a new walkaround. Explore the countryside, and maybe even do your first act of heroism in this new land!

You can access the new locations from the Book 3 Travel Map, or by sailing across the ocean from Helm's Harbor.

We've also removed the permanently showing buttons on Pelekoa by the boat. They should now only appear if you approach it. Landing in Azaveyr from the Pasgur Ocean will now set you down in the Tkaanie walkaround, as well.

Here's an update on Epoch:

So... it's been a while since the last update. Good news and bad news. Bad news first. Epoch is taking a while longer than expected to develeop. We wanted to have a playable version out for general playtesting this week but... It just wasn't fun to play the way I designed it. As a result, I'm going to be redesigning its mechanics (don't worry, Dove's AMAZING art and animations are not being changed)- which leads to the good news: I'm goign to be redesigning Epoch's mechanics. Which means it's going to be great when it's finished.

I do want to apologize for how long it is taking to develop- we're doign a lot of cool things with Epoch for the present and future, and I want to make sure it is done right.

Also this week is our writer Elryn's birthday! In celebration, Dracelix has forged the Moglinberry Masher! This hammer (sycthe type weapon) will be available for oen week only for Dragon Coins from the Book of Lore. Be sure to wish Elryn a happy birthday!

That's all for this week!
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