Reimagined - DeathKnight and Technomancer!

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Reimagined - DeathKnight and Technomancer!

Dove | Friday, August 25, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

In this month's Reimagined release, DeathKnight and Technomancer have received a ton of balance updates and adjustments! And so much more!

A number of quests have had graphical issues fixed, bugs have been resolved and well, just read on for details!

Don't forget to clear your cache!

First up, DeathKnight changes! DeathKnight has received a large number of adjustments to increase its survivability, damage output, and general usability.

  • DeathKnight Relics now merge sequentially, and merge prices have been adjusted.
  • DeathKnight scythe weapons can now be clicked to switch element between Darkness and Light.
  • Damage ranges on level 90 DeathKnight weapons have been narrowed.
  • Relic Barrier now has a duration of 99 turns, and updates its value when a skill is used, rather than being removed when any equipment is changed.
  • Healing Presence base heal per turn value decreased from 3% max HP to 2% max HP, but each equipped Defensive Relic (Helm/Cape) will increase healing by +1% each (max 4%).
  • Consuming Presence base damage increase value (before relics) reduced from +60% weapon damage to +50% weapon damage.
  • Consuming Presence effect when equipping 2 Offensive Relics (Weapon/Belt) increased from +10 Bonus/Crit and +10% base damage to +20 Bonus/Crit and +20% base damage, for a total maximum of +100% base damage with all relics equipped.
  • Attack
    • Base damge increased from 90% to 100%
    • Now recovers 15 MP.
  • Garb of Undeath
    • Avoidance effect increased from 140 + 40 from relics to 140 + 80 from relics 
  • Instill Fear
    • Base damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 12
  • Obliterate
    • Now does 5 hits of 35% (total 175%), up from 2 hits of 57.5% (total 115%)
    • Cooldown reduced from 10 to 9
  • Unholy Shadow
    • Base damage increased from 110% to 120%
  • Soul Slash
    • Base damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • Cooldown reduced from 5 to 4
  • Blood Tap
    • Base damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • Cooldown reduced from 9 to 7
    • Heal increased from 8% + 4% from relics to 12% + 6% from relics
  • Necrotic Shift
    • Healing Presence HoT effect increased from 2% + 2% from relics to 3% + 3% from relics
    • Consuming Presence DoT effect increased from 20% + 20% from relics to 40% + 40% from relics
    • Consuming Presence DoT effect will automatically affect your target when swapping to Consuming Presence
    • Consuming Presence now also increases enemy Health resistance by (Player's Missing HP% + Monster's Missing HP%)/2, with a minimum of +20 Health res
  • Inspire Weakness
    • Base damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • Crit debuff doubled to a maximum of -100 Crit
  • Dark Rite
    • Base damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • Now increases Crit in addition to Boost and Bonus
    • Relic scaling formula changed to be consistent with other skills
  • Strength Reap
    • Base damage increased from 90% to 100%
    • No longer needs to hit in order to apply buff to self
    • Enemy debuff duration increased from 4 turns to 5
    • Enemy debuff also increases based on equipped Relics (maximum -40 Boost/Bonus)
    • Relic scaling formula changed to be consistent with other skills
  • The Edge of Death
    • Cooldown no longer carries over between battles.
    • Now purges all DoT effects on self when used.
  • Cursed Strike
    • Damage increased from 105% + 10% x Relics equipped (max 165%) to 100% + 15% x Relics equipped (max 190%)
  • Dreadblade
    • Renamed to Call of the Dead, animation changed.
    • Now does 5 hits of 40% (total 200%), up from 3 hits of 55% (total 165%)
    • Extra base damage from missing HP has been doubled
    • Now heals the player for 10% of damage dealt
    • Cooldown reduced from 10 to 9
  • Tooltips have been updated and adjusted for clarity, some tooltips will even update when items are equipped or unequipped.
  • Reduced lag when swapping builds with DeathKnight equipped and in some other cases.

Next, Technomancer! Technomancer has received a number of adjustements aimed at defining its identity as a "mana berserker" while also discouraging losing MP by use of minimum WIS sets/swapping.

  • Drive Boost will now disable for 1 turn for every Level/10 WIS deviation beyond the allowed threshold (Level/5 WIS), rather than a fixed 3 turns.
    • The WIS deviation threshold for triggering Recalibration has been fixed to be Level/5 WIS, rather than Level/10 WIS. (18 WIS at 90, up from 9 WIS at 90)
    • If the player's WIS deviates by more than the Recalibration threshold, they will be given Recalibration for a number turns equal to each additional Level/10 WIS threshold crossed.
      • For example, at level 90, you will be able to increase or decrease WIS by 18 without triggering Recalibration.
      • However, a deviation of 19-27 WIS will trigger Recalibration for 2 turns, 28-36 WIS will trigger Recalibration for 3 turns, etc.
    • Triggering additional Recalibration effects while Recalibration is already active will add additional turns to the remaining Recalibration duration.
  • Drive Boost rounding has been adjusted to be slightly more accurate
  • Heat now deducts MP from the player before calculating Drive Boost and usable skills for that turn.
  • Skill Order has been adjusted so all Dragon Amulet skills are now on the right side of the skill bar.
  • Attack
    • Now recovers 15 MP
  • Reactive Barrier
    • Now has reduced animation delay at the end of the skill
  • Mana Burst Grenades
    • Base damage reduced from 100% to 50%
    • WIS multiplier tripled (every point of WIS now increases the base damage by 1%)
  • Static Overload Burst
    • Damage range removed, now always does 120% base damage
    • Animation delay against multiple targets has been reduced
  • Tog-Drone Tracking
    • +Crit effect increased from 50 to 75
  • Sonic Boom Blaster
    • Now applies 3 turns of -30 Boost, -50 Crit
    • Cooldown reduced from 14 to 11
  • Force-Sword
    • Gains 50% more effect from Drive Boost (Maximum 430% base damage, up from 330% base damage)
  • Mana Eruption
    • Renamed to Mana Equalizer
    • Cooldown reduced from 18 to 14
    • Now always does 1 hit of 300% base damage, unaffected by Drive Boost
    • When you have more than 50% MP, will remove 25% of your max MP
    • When you have less than 50% MP, will recover 25% of your max MP
  • Enhanced Metallic Aging
    • DoT effect reduced from 100% base damage to 50% base damage c:
    • Now deals 4 hits of 25% damage (total 100%), instead of 1 hit of 100% base damage
  • Photon Bow
    • Now deals 5 hits of 30% damage (total 150%) up from 3 hits of 40% (total 120%)
    • Animation has been adjusted accordingly
  • Overclock
    • MP cost increased to 100
    • Now increases Heat by +4
  • Tooltips and effet descriptions have been adjusted for clarity
  • Yix now has some dialog explaining the basics of Technomancer's Drive Core and Heat mechanics.

As always, future adjustments and balance changes may come as needed!

Other adjustments and bugfixes:

  • Antithesis weapons, Cumulonimbus weapons, and Stormhawk have had their element swapping effects fixed yet again.
  • Exalted Unity and Exalted Penultima no longer swap element on hit. Instead, they can now be clicked to change between Evil and Good.
  • Sunbreeze Grove's DragonLord customization upgrade dialog has been changed to better reflect the customization unlocking.
  • Other adjustments and typo fixes (so many typos) to Sunbreeze Grove dialog will happen at a later date.
  • The following quests have had an issue fixed where the character would flicker and delay loading when on screen:
    • From the Embers
    • Chasing Answers
    • Outpost Outskirts
    • Welcome to Outpost Yeden
    • Project Casca
    • Hawk in the Sky
    • Crash and Burn
    • Into the Abyss
    • Jungle's Fury
  • If you encounter these "player flickers" in any other quests, please let us know, and we can fix them. Most of them.
  • The Book of Lore now has a new interactive banner for showing off seasonal and weekly specials!
  • Anything else that may have been forgotten!

Next up we have two new Customization Catalysts available for sale!

The Delta Soul Visor and the Delta Star Visor are now available! These cosmetic helms not only look great and color custom to your weapon element, but they're Customization Catalysts as well!

The Delta Soul Visor unlocks the Delta customization for Soulweaver and Master Soulweaver.

The Delta Star Visor unlocks the DeltaStar customization for Master Soulweaver.

You can pick them up in the Customization Catalysts shop in the Book of Lore! (You can click on the new banner to instantly open the shop!)

And that's everything for this week! Between fighting with the interface, sorting out behind the scenes lag, and so, so much more... it was... a lot! We also couldn't have done this without the help of our awesome testers! So huge thank yous to them!

Now, I'm going to curl up in a nice cold place. Have an awesome weekend!

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Avoidance effect increased from 140 + 40 from relics to 140 + 80 from relics

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