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Reimagined - Lots of Things!

Dove | Friday, June 23, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

For this month's Reimagined release, we have, well, a lot! From bug fixes to balancing to typos and more, read on to find out what's in store!

First up, the Book 3 main story quests "Three Questions", "Tea for Three", and "The Obsidian Tomb" have had some minor script adjustments and typo fixes!

Next, your baby dragon companion has been updated! When growing from baby to toddler and from toddler to kid, your dragon will now gain 100 training points. The maximum is still 600, but you will now get a total of 200 of those points from dragon growth. If you have any unspent dragon chow, we'll be happy to help refund it if you contact Verlyrus on Twitter with your character ID and amount of Dragon Chow to be refunded. Unfortunately, we cannot refund Dragon Chow that your dragon has already eaten.

DragonLord has also received a massive update, including the new "Legend" customization option! This customization option automatically unlocks after you complete the quest "The Obsidian Tomb".

Finally, Dove now has a new DragonLord only shop in Book 3 Sunbreeze Grove, where you can pick up some new cosmetic items for Dragon Coins! The Helm and Spear of Ancient Maar are a perfect fit for the Legend DragonLord customization, and the Hero's Backpack will let you carry your dragon with you wherever you go! Normally, your dragon will automatically leave the backpack in battle or when walking around with you. However, there may be minor time-space anomalies when your dragon appears in quests. Should this happen, you need only click the backpack to properly fix the paradox and hide your dragon! (And click it again to let them out!)

And now, on to all the juicy details!

Baby dragon:

  • Now gains 100 training points when growing from baby to toddler (Max training points remains 600).
  • Now gains 100 training points when growing from toddler to kid (Max training points remains 600).
  • Outrage's and Lash's DoT effects now scale with player level. Their damage is now influenced by (Level + 10)%.
    • If you're level 90, you should not see a change in damage.
  • Beam now gains Boost equal to 75% of Magic, up from 50%.
  • Beam now gains Bonus equal to 25% of Magic.
  • Tickles now reduces enemy Crit by 25% of Mischief, and increases enemy Health resist by 10% of Mischief + 10, in addition to its existing effects.

As DragonLord has had a large number of adjustments, they will be split into three parts.

All DragonLord versions:

  • Attack now regenerates 15 MP.
  • Dragon Bite (Non Rage/Wrath):
    • Now does 2 hits of 80% base damage, up from 2 hits of 70% base damage.
    • No longer requires the previous attack to hit.
  • Dragon Claw (Non Rage/Wrath):
    • Now does 3 hits of 70% base damage, up from 3 hits of 60% base damage.
    • No longer requires the previous attack to hit.
    • Cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Earth Dragon Spirit:
    • Now directly reduces damage taken, instead of healing or adjusting HP.
  • Energy/Light/Ice Dragon Spirits (Non Rage/Wrath):
    • Damage increased to 150% base damage, up from their previous values.
  • Fire Dragon Spirit (Non Rage/Wrath):
    • Damage increased to 150% base damage, up from 130% base damage.
    • DoT effect damage reduced to 25%, down from 75%.
  • Potion:
    •  Drinking no longer plays the "power up" animation.
  • Tooltips and effect dscriptions have been adjusted for clarity across most if not all skills.

Patience/Bulwark DragonLord:

  • Patience/Bulwark's extra base damage stacks now reach a maximum of 30 stacks, up from 25.
  • The maximum number of Spirits you can hold has been increased from 2 to 4.
    • Empowerment still requires 2 spirits.
  • Empowered Darkness Dragon Spirit:
    • Now adjusts player HP by the amount gained from its +END effect.
    • +END effect duration now lasts 1 turn longer per 5 stacks of Bulwark base damage, up to a maximum of 6 turns.
  • Empowered Energy Dragon Spirit:
    • -Avoidance effect now also applies to enemy Defenses.
  • Empowered Dragon Wings:
    • Now grants 2 extra stacks of Bulwark base damage, up from 1.

Rage/Wrath DragonLord:

  • Wrath DragonLord now starts each battle with Empowered Spirit and Body.
  • Empowered Dragon's Eye:
    •  Damage increased to 1 hit of 325% damage, up from 1 hit of 275% damage.
  • Water/Wind/Earth/Darkness Dragon Spirits:
    • Now do 1 hit of 100% damage of their corresponding element.
    • Their elements can be unbound with the effect from Dragon Wings.
  • Wind Dragon Spirit:
    • Cooldown reduced to 12 from 24.
  • Empowered Wind Dragon Spirit:
    • -Avoidance effect duration reduced to 3 turns, down from 5.
  • Earth Dragon Spirit:
    • Cooldown reduced to 12 from 24.
    • Damage resistance duration reduced by half. (2 turns total).
    • Death resistance effect from Empowered Earth Dragon Spirit duration remains 3 turns.
  • Empowered Darkness Dragon Spirit:
    • Increased base damage from missing HP has been doubled. (Maximum +100% base damage at 1 HP).
  • Dragon Rampage:
    • Formerly Empowered Dragon Claw
    • Does 6 hits of 70% base damage, up from 3 hits of 100% base damage.
  • Empowered Dragon Breath:
    •  Now has +200 Crit instead of +20% base damage.
  • Energy Dragon Spirit:
    •  Now does 3 hits of 66.7% damage, up from 1 hit of 175% damage.
  • Light Dragon Spirit:
    •  Now does 3 hits of 66.7% damage, up from 1 hit of 175% damage.
    • -Bonus effect increased to -90 from -30, but duration reduced to 1 turn, down from 3 turns.
  • Ice Dragon Spirit:
    • Now does 2 hits of 100% damage, up from 1 hit of 175% damage.
  • Empowered Ice Dragon Spirit:
    •  Now gains +100% base damage per DoT purged (max +300% base damage at 3+ DoT effects purged)
  • Fire Dragon Spirit:
    • Now does 2 hits of 100% damage, up from 1 hit of 175% damage.
    • DoT effect reduced to 50%, down from 120%.
    • Cooldown increased to 9 turns, up from 6.
  • Empowered Fire Dragon Spirit:
    • Now grants a double turn instead of -1 cooldown to skills.
  • Dragon Wings:
    • Damage reduced to 4 hits of 75% base damage down from 4 hits of 100% base damage.
    • Damage from missing HP has been tripled (Maximum of 4 hits of 150% base damage at 1 HP).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed several missing/incorrect pronoun checks.
  • Fixed an issue where Bonus effects were not properly applied to attacks on the same turn.
  • Fixed an issue where Bonus would double on consecutive multiple hit attempts.
  • Fixed an issue where the character info would sometimes show incorrect Crit for guests and the player.
  • Fixed an issue where pets were not using the correct Bonus and Crit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Log would begin to scroll more and more lines each time it was closed.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where house items would not properly save when equipped. (Thank you to @itmr on discord for help with this!)
  • Fixed Technomancer not looking down properly.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Female Chronomancer's neck.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where Cryptic CC's coat would lose its CC when moving.
  • Fixed an issue where Male Snugglepanda would not be able to load helms and weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with DragonLord where using its skills could cause issues when toggling music.
    • DragonLord's sound volume is now no longer tied to the music volume.
  • Fixed a number of typos in Dragon's Day Out.
  • Fixed the typos in the Fire War quest "The Search" where Jaania was referred to as Jaina.


  • You can now click on Drahaj to change its held position.
  • The battle log now shows Crit and Bonus, as well as damage type.
  • The Espina Rosa quest line has been contained and moved to a separate button from Mritha's dialog, and now has a proper non-canon disclaimer.
  • The Espina Rosa questline is now only available after the completion of "A Day for Farewells".
    • Note: Espina Rosa will still be moved and adjusted further in the future. This is only its temporary home until we have the time and resources to revisit it.
  • Heal Over Time effects will now always heal for a minimum of 1 HP.
  • The Book 3 Timeline has been updated, replacing the Espina Rosa story with the Possible Peace story.
  • The Book 3 Timeline's main story tracker now tracks up to Outpost Yeden.
  • You can now purchase DragonLord's Rage and Patience from Elysia/Celestia in Bk1 and Bk3 Sunbreeze Grove.
  • And anything else that may have been forgotten!

And that.... that's... everything...

As you can tell it's been a very busy week! A massive thank you to our awesome testers who have been instrumental in bringing all these changes and fixes!

Next week, it's back to Outpost Yeden with the main story!

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