Remthalas Has Arrived!

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Remthalas Has Arrived!

Dove | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Hey there, heroes!

Hope you're enjoying your holidays! This previous week, you all worked together to stop Mr. Nameless, the Maleurous teddy bear, from destroying Frostvale! But then, when victory seemed at hand, Remthalas the Dreamer, another of the Maleurous, appeared and stole that victory from you grasp, imprisoning Sally, Uaanta, and you in dreams.

Now, he's given you an ultimatum. Reach Sally before your time runs out... or you may never escape the nightmare.

Frostval 2019 Part II is here.

Head over to Frostval from the Book of Lore and join the second part of this year's Frostval event!

Will you be able to reach Sally before the last sand in the hourglass falls? Or will you fail and be lost in dreams forever?

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