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Ruby's Request: Revenge of the Shrooms!

Dove | Friday, May 12, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

As an AdventureChef, Ruby the moglin is always in need of a helping hand... and it just so happens yours is conveniently the closest in her latest hour of need!

This week, the mushrooms have come to bite back, and Falconreach is in danger! Where did these mushrooms come from? And what could they be after? Ruby's not the only one who's hungry. These shrooms hunger... for revenge!

Speak to Ruby in the center of Book 3 Falconreach to help save the day once again in this week's quest: Revenge of the Shrooms!

Also this week, some adjustments and fixes!

  • Ninja's Classic customization now has color custom and non color custom versions.
  • Fixed an issue where END, WIS, and LUK buffs and debuffs did not affect their corresponding substats and resists
  • Keelhaul, the Sunken's Creeping Decay now adds +3 Immobility per stack to maintain previous difficulty.
  • The Alteon guest in Book 3 Convergence and Entropy's Infect skill now apply their debuffs with their DoT effects on the same turn.

And that's all for this week! Next week, we enter Outpost Yeden, if everything goes well!

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