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Sanguine Showcase

Nightwraith | Friday, October 21, 2022

EpicDuel's first Battlepass is still under construction, but nearing completion as we enter the final rounds of testing. This set's theme was crafted by Acatriel with a focus on a fusion of Blood Magic and Technology into an unparalleled Sanguine Showcase! When implemented, this collection will offer more content than any other promotion in EpicDuel's history. 

An incomplete list of what the Battlepass will include:

  • 4 new armors!
  • 22 new items!
  • 6 new achievements!
  • 6 new cores!
  • 24 new styles!

We're working hard to make this new feature a success and thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for updates when the feature is finally ready to be released in-game!


Power Weekend Returns

Since there will be no update today, we've reactivated Power Hour to last all Weekend long for an excellent opportunity to grind and level up in anticipation of this new feature!


Heromart 2023 Preview

The 2023 Heromart Calendar is just around the corner, and in anticipation of its arrival we're offering a preview of the items that will be available as in-game bonuses for those who purchase this upcoming piece of merchandise.


  • Paladin Chronomancer A
  • Paladin Chronomancer B
  • Paladin Chronomancer A CC
  • Paladin Chronomancer B CC


  • Paladin Chronomancer Sword P
  • Paladin Chronomancer Sword E
  • Paladin Chronomancer Redeemer P
  • Paladin Chronomancer Redeemer E
  • Paladin Chronomancer Blaster P
  • Paladin Chronomancer Blaster E
  • Paladin Chronomancer Collider P
  • Paladin Chronomancer Collider E

Please note the 2023 Calendar is not yet available for sale. Keep an eye on and its social media accounts for product updates!


EpicDuel 2022 Player Survey

Earlier this week we released a survey via Twitter and email to collect player feedback. So far we've received dozens of results, but we're posting it again here just in case you missed those social media and email links or just didn't feel like responding before and forgot. If you have any thoughts on balance, new features, or any other improvements for the game, now is your time to share your feedback! Want more boss? Wish Tactical Mercenaries were more viable? Feel like Dexterity builds should have their time to shine? Want new battle modes and events? Let us know!

To begin the survey follow this link to help us build a better EpicDuel in 2023!

Thank you for your participation and support!

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