Screengrab Contest Winners Announced

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Screengrab Contest Winners Announced!

Beleen | Friday, May 17, 2024

Join us in celebrating the winners of our Screengrab contest!

Hiya heroes! After weeks of anticipation and excitement, the winners of our Screengrab Contest have finally been revealed! From daring battles against fearsome foes to heartwarming gatherings with friends, AQ3D players from around the world showcased their epic adventures via short video screengrabs. With a whopping 120 submissions, each entry dazzled in its own unique way, which turned our seemingly simple task of selecting 10 video clips into a formidable challenge!

After careful consideration from our panel of judges (plus a Pepsi-powered Paladin), 10 Grand Prize Winners have emerged victorious! Their screen grabs are set to be featured prominently on the new website currently in development. These champions not only captured the spirit of AdventureQuest 3D, but also demonstrated the creativity and passion of the Artix gaming community. Please join us in congratulating our wonderful winners and honorable mentions in the video below, which captures just a mere moment* of our players' talent!

Watch the video on YouTube


Most players had multiple screengrab entires, so when we build the new AQ3D website video, some video clips may differ than the ones you saw in the winners video. We only showed a snippet of the screengrabs submitted since posting 50+ video clips would make for a heccin long commitment huh!

Grand Prize Winners

touch me and its over, Haziroth, Spirited, B-17, Lunaceria, Arataka-, Chai, Almayudha, Faithful Crumb, andRyazel

Wowie! There was so much action packed into just a few short seconds! Amazing job well done to all our winners! Each Grand Prize Winner will take home 2,000 Dragon Crystals, the Title of ‘Screengrab Superior,’ and ofc will see their video clip(s) featured on the new AQ3D homepage! Our Winners are like, legit movie stars, huh? Be sure to ask for an autograph when you see them in game 🤗

Honorable Mentions

Yashahime, Spiketom, Bucket Knightt, Elder_lich, MapCurse, Sean, M e i a N o i t e, Lilasikuta, In5nis, - Shyzue Rosario -, and Rozelux

We selected two handfuls of Honorable Mentions for their standout submissions. Even though we wish we could have awarded everyone with grand prize winnings, know that your screengrabs still hold a special place in our hearts – and on these Design Notes too :) Each Honorable Mention will receive an Emperor’s Chest (worth 1,000 DCs) for highlighting their adventures in AdventureQuest 3D!

Spectacular screengrabs everyone

We are still blown away by the quality – and quantity! – of submissions we received for the Screengrab contest. Every video clip told a unique story and showcased the diverse adventures that players embark on every day in the world of Lore. Congratulations again to all our Grand Prize Winners and Honorable Mentions! But even if you didn’t win a prize this time, rest assured your screengrabs still put smiles on our faces! 

…except for that one guy who made a cursed Thomas the Train Engine, who made us do this IRL 🤔😳😱

As we celebrate these champions and their remarkable moments caught on camera, we also extend our gratitude to every player who participated in the contest. No surprise here, but your enthusiasm and creativity continue to inspire us like crazy! Suffice to say, we look forward to seeing even more adventures unfold in the ever-growing world of AQ3D with you by our side!

Stay tuned for more exciting contests – and a more exciting homepage – at!
Until next time… 

Battle on! 
Beleen, Artix, our judges, and the AQ3D team

PS: Grand Prize Winners will get their DCs and 'Screengrab Superior' Title next week (since it has to be "rolled" after the new game release goes up).  Honorable Mentions will get their Emperor's Chest at that time, too. Congratz again, winners!

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