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The Cat’s Meow: Screenshot Caturday Contest Winners!

Beleen | Friday, August 25, 2023

The cat is out of the bag… literally. Check out the ‘meow’gnificent winners of our Screenshot Saturday: Caturday Contest! 

Attention feline aficionados, keyboard warmers, and murder mittens: the time has come to announce the winners of our latest (and fluffiest) Screenshot Saturday contest! So many of you ‘purr’ed your hearts and souls into your ‘meow’tstanding submissions, so it was not an easy task choosing our favorites. The Artix judges absolutely loved seeing all your screenshots showcasing adorable, hilarious, and a‘mew’zing moments with you and your feline friends, and now it’s finally time to unveil the champions of our Screenshot Caturday Contest! 🏆

The Grand Purrize Winner


Behold, the Grand Purrize winner, Euvaine! You win the illustrious Emperor’s Chest! Congratulations! 🎉

Second Pawsition


Bravo touch me and its overLoubellaAncanjoGuardian ArtYuniStallbourne van Wisteria, and MiawKu! You all clawed your way into Second Pawsition and will each receive a Warlord’s Chest.

Honorable Meowntions

Our Caturday Contest wouldn't be complete without recognizing the fine feline talents that almost made it to the top of the scratching post. These honorable meowntions tickled our whiskers and will get a Soldier’s Chest each! Congrats cats Gargrellar, zimply, DarkEss, Lemaris, Zarakvillian, Silariyas, and Lunaceria!

Let’s give a round of applause (with our adorable cat paws) to the winners of our Screenshot Caturday Contest! Thank you to all the ‘purr’parazzi who shared their screenshots with us at Artix Entertainment. Until next time*, keep those screenies coming, and may your Caturdays be filled with whiskers, purrs, puns, and endless fun =/\=

Mew mew on!
Beleen, the Artix judges, and the AQ3D team

* Dog lovers, you’re going to ‘dig’ this: we’ve got a dog-themed Screenshot contest coming this Saturday!

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