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Screenshot Saturday: Dark Lord Dage

Beleen | Friday, March 8, 2024

Party on! We are celebrating Dage the Evil’s birthday with a Screenshot Saturday showdown! Read on for the full contest details. 

Greetings heroes of Lore and minions of the Undead Legion! This week marks a special occasion: it’s Dage the Evil’s birthday 🎉 The Dark Lord has loads of new swag (and ofc lots of Legion gear already in game), so now is the PERFECT time to host a screenshot contest! This Screenshot Saturday showdown invites you to capture the essence of the Dark Lord's presence within the game and… and within our souls 👀

Submit your screenshot(s) in the comments below, and/or on socials using the hashtags 

#ScreenshotSaturday, #Dage, and #AQ3D

Woah! Hold your hades horses – before you enter, be sure to read up on the rules!

❓ How to Enter

  1. Equip the essence of Dage the Evil: Sounds like a pungent perfume, huh? 🤭 Equip the best armor set(s) that would greatly please Dage the Evil and make you stand out in the Undead Legion.   
  2. Capture the Dark Lord’s domain: Venture into sinister landscapes to find the perfect setting to showcase the Dark Lord's influence.
  3. Take your best shot: Once you've got the best gear and found the best spot, take a screenshot that proves the power of the Undead Legion. Whether it's a dramatic pose, a chilling vista, or an epic encounter with a fearsome fiend… capture your creativity!
  4. Submit your entry: Share your screenshot(s) in the comments below, and/or on social media platforms like
    @AQ3Dgame on Twitter
    @AQ3Dgame on Instagram, or
    @AdventureQuest3D on Facebook 
    👆 Don't forget to tag those accounts, too!
  5. If posting on socials, use the hashtags #ScreenshotSaturday, #Dage, and #AQ3D

📃 Contest Rules

  • Begins: Saturday, March 9, 2024
  • Ends: Sunday, March 17, 2024, at 11:59 pm EDT (Florida time)
  • Up to 4 screenshots per participant
  • Your AQ3D account must be in good standing in order to win a prize 
  • Type your AQ3D character name in your comment, and/or social post
  • If posting on socials like TW, FB, or IG, use the hashtags
    #ScreenshotSaturday, #Dage, and #AQ3D

🏆 Prizes

  1. 1st Place Winner: 2000 Dragon Crystals and a shoutout from Dage the Evil on Twitter 
  2. 2nd Place: Emperor’s Chest
  3. 3rd Place: Warlord’s Chest
  4. Runner ups: Soldier’s Chest 

As always, we reserve the right to award additional prizes! Which brings me to my next point…

🩷 #NationalBarbieDay

I’m serious, folks! This is legitimately a thing. And it’s happening Saturday, March 9! I am running a #NationalBarbieDay screenshot contest for AQWorlds, but hey, why not include Battleon Barbae in AQ3D as well?! If pretty-in-pink is more your color palette (like some ppl i know), then we invite you to show off your Barbie-themed look in AdventureQuest 3D! 

Prizes for the #NationalBarbieDay winners are:

  1. 1000 Dragon Crystals for the Grand Prize Winner    
  2. 500 DCs for Second Place
  3. 250 DCs for Third Place
  4. 100 DCs for Runner ups

Be sure to add the hashtag #NationalBarbieDay in your post so we can see your spectacular style! And be sure to read the AQWorlds contest rules if you want some fantasy fashionista inspiration.

🥳 Party on Dage dudes and dudettes 

I hear the Undead Legion is just dying to party. So let’s party on and wish Dage the Evil a happy (belated) birthday! And no matter if you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the realms of Lore, everyone is welcome to participate in this screenshot contest. Unleash your creativity, brave the depths of Dage’s domain, and capture moments that will send shivers down the spines of skeletons and steadfast heroes alike!

Battle on,
Beleen, our judges, the birthday boi Dage ofc, and the AQ3D team

#ScreenshotSaturday, #Dage, and #AQ3D

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