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Screenshot Saturday: Sandbox Contest

Beleen | Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Player Housing was just released and it’s a HUGE hit! In order to celebrate, we welcome all to unleash your creativity in our Screenshot Saturday: Sandbox Contest!

Greetings heroes of Lore and aspiring artisans! Are you ready to show off your limitless creativity in AQ3D? Well hold onto your helms, because with the arrival of the highly anticipated Player Housing feature, you now have access to Sandbox features! You can now build the house of your dreams (or nightmares), design challenging parkour obstacle courses, and even create brand-new item designs simply by stacking, rotating, and scaling every house item available to you. It’s kind of like building things in Minecraft, but with AQ3D art instead of cube voxels!

Player Housing: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds

What a game changer! Every player now has the ability to design and construct their very own personalized homes in AQ3D. Picture a world where you can let your imagination run wild, where the laws of physics are merely a suggestion, and where the only limit is your creativity. Whether you fancy a cozy cottage nestled in a lush landscape, a majestic castle secluded on a tropical island, or a futuristic skyscraper made entirely out of armoires, the choice is yours!

Fully customizable Player Housing gives you Sandbox game capabilities inside AQ3D. So why not show off your limitless creativity and let your imagination soar in our Screenshot Saturday: Sandbox Contest!

Screenshot Saturday: Sandbox Contest Details 

Contest Rules:

  1. Take screenshots of your most creative house, house item creation, and/or parkour course
  2. Up to 4 screenshots allowed per AQ3D player
  3. JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, and MP4s accepted!
  4. Your AQ3D account must be in good standing in order to win a prize 
  5. Submit your screenshot(s) in the comments below, or share your screenies on socials using the hashtags
    #ScreenshotSaturday, #Sandbox, and #AQ3D
  6. Be sure to include your AQ3D player name alongside your submission! 


  • Begins Saturday, March 23, 2024
  • Ends Sunday, March 31, 2024, April 7, 2024, at 11:59pm EDT (Florida time)
  • We decided to extend the deadline to ensure that everyone, including our mobile players, can have adequate time to build their creations :)  


  1. Most Creative House Design: Showcase your imagination and ingenuity with a truly unique home that’ll wow the judges! Interior and/or Exterior designs welcome.
  2. Best Item Creation: Create something new and unimaginable using the house items available to you. Minecraft masons rejoice!
  3. Most Challenging Parkour Course: Put your obstacle-building skills to the test with a parkour course that will leave adventurers awestruck, breathless, and... frustrated, ngl.

Contest Prizes:

  • 3 Grand Prize Winners will be chosen, one from each Category: best house, best item creation, and best parkour course
  • Grand Prize Winners win 2000 Dragon Crystals and the title “Sandbox Supreme”
  • 2nd Place Winners receive 1000 DCs
  • 3rd Place Winners get 500 DCs
  • Runner Ups win 250 DCs  

How to Enter:

  1. Snap screenshots of your Player Housing masterpiece(s)
  2. Upload your screenies in the comments below, and/or on socials like
    @AQ3Dgame on Twitter
    @AQ3Dgame on Instagram, or
    @AdventureQuest3D on Facebook
    👆 Don't forget to tag those accounts, too!
  3. If posting on socials, use the hashtags
    #ScreenshotSaturday, #Sandbox, and #AQ3D
  4. Include your AQ3D character name and your House's name too, so other players can visit your humble, harmonious, or horrifying abode

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Who’s ready to embark on this epic adventure? Whether you're an aspiring architect, a daring parkour player, or simply someone with limitless creativity, there's never been a better time to dive into AdventureQuest 3D! 

Come check out our new Player Housing feature, gather your materials, sharpen your wits, and let your imagination run rampant in our Screenshot Saturday: Sandbox Contest! 

The possibilities are endless – and endless adventure awaits!

Build it and battle on,
Beleen, the judges, and the friendly AQ3D team

PS: We also have a Design a Burger Hero Poster contest going on too, jic you're a better artist than architect, but ofc everyone is welcome to enter no matter their skillsets :)

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