Seasonal Salutations

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Seasonal Salutations

Nightwraith | Friday, July 2, 2021

Tis the Season for EVERYTHING

As part of a summer celebration, we're bringing back all the seasonal rare items for a limited time! Not every gets to play during Gifting, the last time we unleashed the rares, so it's only fair to make this a semiannual event to give more EpicDuelists a chance to stock up on epic seasonal rares!


Overlord Overture

Short on Credits? The Overlord Guard at the Overlord Facility has a serious of bountiful missions to line your pockets to make it easier to stock up on your favorite seasonal items! The rewards will also come in handy for the 2021 Heroic Housing Contest!

  • Overlord Initiation
  • Recruit Training
  • Clear the Field
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Performance Review
  • Elite Training
  • Superior Training
  • Opposition Research
  • Excessive Training
  • Overseer Override

Completing these challenges will net you a substantial boon of Credits and a new Overlord Overture Achievement!


Omega Wolf Shard

The Omega Wolf Shard has returned as a battle drop on Endless M4tr1x. These shards will not sell for as much as the old ones did, but they will still be worth the battle.


New Uncle Sam Styles

Visit the style change shop for jaunty new seasonally apt styles! They should pair well with the new /poppop emote!

New (Replica) Items

Gifting winners from this year and last year have even more replicas available today! They are limited stock and sell out VERY quickly. Restocks do sometimes happen but they are not guaranteed.

Lycan's ferocious lycanthropic travel form is available at Oz in Fortune City.

  • Lycan Replica

NightAssault will make his custom bot available at Selena at a certain time.

  • Night Assault's Gamma Replica

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