Secret Brutal Heartbreaker

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Secret Brutal Heartbreaker

Nightwraith | Friday, February 12, 2021

Secret Package Unlocked!

Finally! Either time is going faster or I'm getting slower (maybe both?), but the coveted Secret Packages are finally ready to open. As with the Silver Secret Package, please allow some time for these weapons to be distributed after the update. Since there are only 36 packages, they should be completed much more quickly. The Secret Packages will open to reveal:

  • Draconic Frost Kingslayer P
  • Draconic Frost Kingslayer E
  • Draconic Frost King Blaster P
  • Draconic Frost King Blaster E
  • Draconic Frost King Bow P
  • Draconic Frost King Bow E
  • Draconic Frost King Armor
  • Winged Draconic Frost King (Armor)

The 2 armors, crafted with care by Bido, will come pre-equipped with a new core:

  • Draconic Frost King's Will: Increase Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support by 30% for 4 turns.


Brutal Heartbreaker Items

Visit the Alydroid in Fortune City for the returning Heartbreaker / Azrael Gear and latest batch of new items from Deuce!

  • Brutal Heartbreaker Saber P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Saber E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Slicers P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Slicers E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Hatchet P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Hatchet E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Staff P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Staff E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Pistol P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Pistol E
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Cannon P
  • Brutal Heartbreaker Cannon E

This set looks incredible and purchasing just one of the items will earn you the Brutal Heartbreaker Collector achievement!


Roman's Restock and Gifter's Gifts

There was a small, but impactful goof when offering Roman's replica gear last week. It seems unlimited purchases were enable when the weapons were offered last week, allowing players rich in Credits or Varium to clear out the stock within minutes. This was not intended. Because of this mistake, I've allowed ONE restock for this update. This time the price has increased substantially, and only one of each can be purchased. If you were lucky enough to get one or two or ten last week, you cannot purchase more this time. After the quantity is depleted, the items will be marked as RARE and sellback will be enabled. If you sunk a king's bounty worth of Credits into these items.

It seems this release was very popular, as it opened the floodgates for winners from 2020 and past years to make similar requests. Though this generosity it admiration, please allow time for me to complete the remaining requests for the very, very patient winners!


Fixes and Changes:

  • Titan's Battlegear E removed from shop
  • Legendary Titan no longer drops battlegear
  • Exoskeleton and Infernal Spirit should now work on the regular Delta Vault. They do not work on the Legendary Variant
  • Infernal Surge was incorrected listed as a primary core when it was originally an armor core. This has been corrected.

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