ShadowFlame War Rares

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ShadowFlame War Rares

Alina | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Check out the deadliest ShadowFlame War set - the ShadowFlame DragonLordFind the ShadowFlame DragonLord armor set, Shadow Dragon miniion cape, and the ShadowFlame DragonLord Class skin* in the War Rares Shop all month long!

From a loyal dragon ally to the cause of their dragon's dark demise, ShadowFlame DragonLords have embraced Malgor's shadowy power... and taken their dragons down with them.

  • ShadowFlame DragonLord Class
  • ShadowFlame DragonLord armor
  • ShadowFlame Dragon minion cape
  • 2 sets of Wings, Shadow Dragon Tail, Wrap
  • ShadowFlame Dragon weapons
  • ShadowFlame Dragon helms

* The ShadowFlame DragonLord uses the animation and skills of DragonSlayer General with the ShadowFlame DragonLord's art.

Battle hard, heroes. The fate of Arcangrove depends on you!

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