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Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Shadows of Chaos X Talk Like a Pirate Day

Log in as we celebrate one of the popular holidays of the YARRRR! Talk Like a Pirate Day returns AND we continue our Shadows of Chaos Saga main storyline. Make sure you've battled through last week's update, where Drakath faces humiliation, betrayal, and vows to get REVENGE on ShadowLord Malgor. This weekend, Pirate Queen Teja rejoins the cast with her crew as we set sail to hunt for Drakath's Chaos Amulet and battle against a new breed of General... one fused with Shadows and Chaos! 

This weekend, /join lagunabeach to continue your adventure:

  • Talk to Pirate Queen Teja to begin questing
  • Battle Flying Fisheyes, Sea Tentacles, and ShadowChaos Scouts
  • Battle through a tunnel into the heart of an island chaorrupted by shadows
  • Battle the boss to collect all the pieces of the Chaos Pirate Crew armor set
  • Unlock the pieces of the Chaotic Sorcerer in the Merge Shop

Plus, all our seasonal Talk Like a Pirate Day maps areback!

  • Tlapd
  • Pirates
  • Piratewar
  • Hiddendepths
  • Blazebeard
  • Manacannon
  • Kaijuwar 
  • Heartofthesea
  • cetoleonwar

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Daily Gift Schedule

Fans of Nulgath's Nation, this is your weekend to FIGHT! Get double Unidentified 13 drops all weekend long. All heroes can log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase.

New daily drops coming up:

  • Saturday: seasonal Toxic Naval Commander gear
  • Sunday: Warlic the ArchMage's birthday gifts
  • Monday: 48 hour Gold Boost
  • Tuesday: seasonal Classy Naval Commander gear
  • Wednesday: 72 hour Class Points Boost
  • Thursday: seasonal Chaotic Naval Commander gear
  • Friday: seasonal Chaotic Pirate gear

Limited Time Upgrade Bonus: PaladinSlayer Naval Commander

MORE PALADIN SKULLS. YARRRRRR! Get the PaladinSlayer Naval Commander Set upgrade bonus pack when you buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more until October 2nd, 2020 and unlock all 20 items (including the exclusive StarSword) and a character page badge.

After you purchase an account upgrade, select a bonus set of your choice from a list of options in your Account Manager. This option will be available until October 2nd, 2020 

Pack Details

 Choose the PaladinSlayer Naval Commander Set to unlock the full armor set. 

  • PaladinSlayer Naval Commander armor
  • PaladinSlayer Skull Bandana, TopHats, and Tricorn helms
  • PaladinSlayer's Wheel + Pride capes
  • PaladinSlaying Cutlass + Pistol
  • PaladinSlaying Cutlass*
  • Paladin's Demise Pistol*
  • Bottle o' DoomJuice*
  • PaladinSlayer StarSword*
  • PaladinSlayer's Stash Bank Pet
  • and an exclusive character page badge

Once you've chosen the PaladinSlayer Naval Commander Set bonus on the Account Manager page, log in and find the set's shop in the Other Achievements tab in your Book of Lore. 

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