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ShadowScythe Artifacts

Alina | Friday, March 22, 2019

Enter a Crashed ShadowScythe Spaceship!

Near ShadowFall's Dracolich Fortress lies the newly-discovered wreck of a crashed ShadowScythe starship -- a vessel who's journey through space and time ended in pieces. Now, Empress Gravelyn needs your help to explore the ruins once owned by a race of alien beings spawned from the Darkness itself.

This weekend, battle alongside Treasure Hunter Z in an all-new release written and designed by Memet and AQW Community Writer, Catpyre!

  • Take on the alien creatures guarding the ship
  • Explore the wreck to find any information left behind
  • Battle the vault's guardian to recover treasures 
  • Slay monsters to collect, then exchange, Shadow Gold for Z's gear
  • Complete farming quests after finishing tonight's update to earn the pieces of the boss's armor set
  • Take on 100 Vault Guardians to unlock a new character page badge (coming tomorrow!)

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