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Players, Sheathe Your Weapons!

Glisel | Monday, June 5, 2023

Hands Free Adventuring

The new weapon sheathing feature is here! Turn on Auto-Sheathe to run around Lore with your hands free! Your weapon will rest on your back (or at your side) while you run, rest, emote, and interact with NPCs.

Toggle Auto-Sheathing

Go to the game Menu, then Settings. In the Options (General) scroll down to Controls and check the box for Auto-Sheathe Your Weapons. Now (most of) your weapons will be sheathed until you are ready for combat! And after combat is done, and you’re out of harm’s way, the weapon will re-sheathe itself! How cool is that?!?

Just know that some non-standard weapons (like books and drinks) may look silly when sheathed. Also, for now, bows and a very few select other weapons are unable to be sheathed. So those will be worked on in Phase 2 of Sheathing.

Hint: You can also type /sheathe into chat to sheathe your weapon in a jiffy!

Screenshot Saturday!

Keep your eyes on and Twitter for the rules and prizes for this week’s Screenshot Saturday: Sheathing Edition! Start practicing your hands-free poses!

June Promo Item

Head to the Upgrade Shop to get your Gauntlet of Might included with any purchase! And Guardians get a Flaming Gauntlet of Might as well!

Note: All accounts that had made a purchase from the Upgrade Shop prior to this update on June 1st, 2023, are retroactively awarded these items.

Last Chance

  • May the 4th event content leaves June 7th, 2023
  • Daily Chest Summer seasonal items leaves around Aug 30th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

As the team begins adding quests and rewards to the next installment of the Nulgath Saga, you will begin a quest of your own for a new exciting reward!

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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