Shogun of Shadows Finale

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Shogun of Shadows Finale

Alina | Friday, September 7, 2018

This is it, hero... you and Princess Miko have finally reached Jaaku - the Shogun of Shadows - fortress. Miko's chance to avenge her father's death is almost here. But she needs your help and, more than that, your confidence and faith in her abilities. To rule a country, she must stand strong. To face down her demons and move forward, she needs to know those with her are ready to support her in the battles ahead.

Will you be that hero for her?

This weekend at ... Battle alongside Princess Miko and confront the Shogun of Shadows in a battle for the throne of Yokai Isle! But before you can reach him, you'll need to plow through all 8 heads of Orochi, his Shadow Dragon!

  • Slay the restless spirits and Shadow Samurai guarding the fortress
  • Take down the 8 heads of Jaaku's shadow dragon, Orochi, once and for all
  • Confront Jaaku and discover the TRUE power behind his attacks.

Battle the 8 heads of Orochi the Shadow Dragon, Jaaku's gift from a darker, higher power to unlock the pieces of the ShadowBlade Samurai set!

Battle in PVP to earn Combat Trophies. Save them up to buy the 0 AC pieces of the Urban Samurai armor set.



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