Shop and Attack Menu Updates

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Shop and Attack Menu Updates

Hollow | Friday, January 21, 2022

Shop Updates:


  • New menu layout replaces the old menu tree.
  • More defined areas to better indicate interaction around the shop.
  • Updated visuals to display Gold and Z-Tokens in player's inventory.
  • Updated vendor display to indicate when players are buying items, in their inventory, or Shared Vault.
  • Added a new search function. (Click on the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar. Close the search bar with the X button or hit Esc.)
  • Item names that are longer than the button will scroll to the right when hovered over.

    Buying Items:
  • Sub-menu for House Items to display Paintings, Guards, and Resources separately.
  • New ui to display an item's Description, Preview, and Stats.*
  • Expanded previews to include most items.*

  • New Drag and Drop sorting for items.** (Drag an item between 2 spots in the menu to move the item to that location, or hold your item over another spot to swap places.)
  • Added a glowing visual for items in player's active inventory.
  • New ui for purchasing Extra Slots. Extra slots can now be purchased in any of player's available quantity.
  • Updated Buying/Selling confirmation now includes the item's name as well as Gold or Z-Token icons to indicate the currency.

Attack Menu Update:

  • A Dismiss Guest has been added to the top of the Spells menu. This button is only visible if you have a Guest out.



 *Previewing and Stats work for a lot of items, but due to so many variations in item size, position, and function - previews and stats will not display for all items.

**No-drop equipment cannot be moved.

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