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Verlyrus | Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hey there, Heroes!

Congratulations on defeating the forces of Sinnocence! Not only did you eradicate the enemy forces before we finished the war finale, you also crushed 1 million waves of extra reinforcements!

But now, it's time to meet Sinnocence on the field of battle at last.

Will you get your answers? Will you emerge victorious against this mysterious foe? Play this war's finale to find out!

Available from the war finale: the new Uaanta's Blaster trinket- currently uncharged, this trinket will be upgradable in future content. The Uanata's Blaster trinket is available in 4 levels: 20,40,60, and 90. Level 20 is available for free players, while the rest require Dragon Amulets to use.

As a bonus, the Portrait of Timmy hosue item is available for 10 Dragon Coins too! Congratulations again, on the war victory!

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