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Sneak Peek and Dog Week

Beleen | Monday, August 21, 2023

We're about to 'unleash' some 'bone'-a-fide game news! We think you’re going to ‘dig’ what’s coming this week and what we’ve been working on behind-the-scenes. Go fetch!  

Hello hello heroes! The time has come to ‘retrieve’ the latest AQ3D game news and updates! As if the header image, title, and subsequent puns were any indication of what’s to come, this week’s game release is for the top dogs — literally 🐶 In honor of National Dog Day, which is an actual ‘howl’iday this Saturday, August 26, the world of Lore is rolling out the red carpet for our furry (and slobbery) four-legged friends. Naturally, this is going to scare all the cats away, so be sure to get the whole kitten caboodle of feline fancies currently available in Battleon and the Social District before the new game release legitimately lets the dogs out later this week! 

Aria in Battleon will swap out her pets and proudly display all the good bois available for adoption. Also: Travel Forms will allow you to transform into ‘pup’ular dog breeds, you’ll get to sniff out last year's Dog Day Quests, and new canine surprises promise a 'howling' good time!

And if you’re ‘Lycan’ all this dog stuff, then you’re gonna love meeting the Werewolf Hunter appearing this week in the Oversoul. Dante the Fiend Hunter patiently awaits you at the Over Forge, licking his chops at the opportunity to shed Oversoul lore with you while sending you on quests to hunt down and defeat the Fiend Lycan. Finishing the questline will unlock a title, and the big bad boss has a chance of dropping a Lycan Travel Form!

Also in the Dog Days of Summer (aka behind-the-scenes)

⚔️ New Guild Features: feedback from our players has been AMAZING. Testing is currently up on PTR, and we have new updates coming to the PTR later this week as well.

🏡 Player Housing: really great progress is being made! You will be able to freely rotate any house item, and you can even put items ON TOP of other items! So if you want chairs on top of your dining table, you can do that without the inherent risk of guests toppling over. Currently navigating challenges of doing housing stuff on mobile, and on to creating different house options next!

💌 In-Game Mail System: still in the works, but I’m especially excited about this since it will be able to open new possibilities for communication (and special gift delivery) inside the game.

🤔 Multiple Choice Quest Rewards: the system is now implemented into the Game Dev side of the game, so now it’s just a matter of more testing! This new feature will allow you to choose 1 or more Quest Rewards, depending on what you like best!

🔮 Oracle Class: moving closer to launch! Coming soon to the PTR.

🙌 Next Week: another piece of the Cosmic Set is coming out!  

I had a feeling that you’d be able to sink your teeth into all these spoilers (and dog-gone good puns)! So no matter if you're a seasoned player or a new pup, you’ll certainly have a tail-wagging time during our canine celebration launching later this week! 

Barking on!
Beleen and the AQ3D team

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