SnuggleFest 2022

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SnuggleFest 2022

Hollow | Friday, February 4, 2022

SnuggleFest 2022 Event Shop:

Adventurers take up quests to selflessly help anyone in need, making new friends and renewing bonds with old ones. People looking for that special someone can seize the day and try to win their heart... and some sweet rewards!

SnuggleFest 2022 - Express Shipping:

The Courier's Guild of Krovesport faces much adversity with a tough port and all the express Snugglefest deliveries. They persevere, though, using YOU as their official inspiration! Unofficially, though, their Naval Fan Club needs to dial it down. Let's hope they can be reasoned with.

new rpg game release adventure quest


Limited-Time Shop:

The Groundhog Pet returns to predict six weeks of PAIN for your enemies. Also grab your Superb Owl Pet and make sure you are ready for game day! Plus find Winter Lorelympian Torch weapons and Player Faces. The Passionate Light of Destiny Axes return as well as a new Light of Burning Rage series!

new rpg game release adventure quest

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