Spring into Celebration

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Spring into Celebration

Clarion | Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Celebrate Spring by heading to Yulgar’s Inn and speaking to Serenity.

The fragrance of flowers fills the air as we embrace Spring in AdventureQuest 3D. Players can now visit Serenity at Yulgar’s Inn to explore a brand-new shop. There, you’ll find an array of spring-themed cosmetics, including beautiful bouquets of flowers and charming mugs that pay tribute to the mothers of Lore.

Collect Wildflowers

Embark on epic battles across Lore to gather Wildflowers, a delightful free-player housing item. This vibrant bundle of colorful blooms is guaranteed to elevate your flora game to new heights. The best part? Any monster can drop them!


Players have been asking for it, so feast your eyes on this: the highly anticipated Invisible Weapon item now known as the “Paci-fist.” In addition to the original design, two new variants for guns and bows have been introduced. Players can now rely on their fists to communicate with the big baddies across Lore. These formidable weapons are not limited-time offerings; They will be available in Warlic’s Invisible Shop, nestled within his mystical Magic Shoppe.

Last Chance for Earth Day

As the vibrant days of spring unfold, we bid farewell to the Earth Day Dragon Crystal shop on the 22nd of May. This departure is but a seasonal interlude. Just as the seasons cycle, so too shall the Earth Day Dragon Crystal shop reawaken next year, ready to unveil new wonders and treasures.

New Promo Items: The Songs of Pastels

Our May promo item is the Song of Pastels Aura! To get this ethereal aura, just purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Fluttering Song of Pastels, an exclusive butterfly-themed variant at no extra cost.

Later this week: Screengrab winners announced

We had 120 entries in our Screengrab Video Contest! Narrowing down the best of the best is no easy feat, but we are excited to announce that the winners will be revealed Friday! Our grand prize winners will see their video clip(s) featured on the new AQ3D website in development. Thank you all for sharing such wonderful moments with us — and we cannot wait to share them with all of you, too!

Next week: May the 4th winners revealed

The Force was strong with this contest! So many spectacular screenshots poured in to celebrate May the Fourth and Revenge of the Fifth. And some of the screenies we saw looked like legit scenes from Star Wars! But shh, don’t tell LucasArts that :p

Your creativity knows no bounds, and we are absolutely blown away by the incredible talent and passion you all showcased. From epic Star Saber duels to reimagining iconic Star Wars scenes, each entry transported us to a galaxy far, far away. Your dedication to capturing the essence of the Force and the spirit of adventure in AQ3D is truly inspiring! May your adventures be filled with wonder and excitement, and may the force always be with you!

Battle on,
Clarion, Artix, the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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