Spring Varium Bonus

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Spring Varium Bonus

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021


Varium Bonus

For a limited time, both $50 Varium packages will include bonus Varium! The Celtic Hunter package will include and extra 2,000 Varium, while the 12,000 Varium package will include a bonus 3,000 Varium! This deal will only be available until May 4th!



Nefarious Ne're Do Well Nightwraith is offering 3 new mission chains of PvP grinding goodness to earn massive jackpots of Credits and new completion achievements!

  • Bounty Bored (1v1 PvP mission chain)
  • Super Bounty Bros (2v2 mssion chain)
  • Open Bounty (free-for-all PvP mission chain)



  • 1v1 Contract Complete
  • 2v2 Contract Complete
  • Open Contract Complete



  • Barbed Grenade: Remove stun chance
  • Frenzy: 25% stun chance added
  • Skull Cracker: 2 round warm-up

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