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The Star Festival Opens

Alina | Monday, August 20, 2018

Help Grant Princess Miko's Seven Wishes

Happy Tanabata! This weekend, head to Yokai Isle as we celebrate the legendary Star Festival (known in our world as Tanabata). Battle across Lore to help grant Princess Miko's wishes for the Sky King's daughter come true, then stay for the /party presents!

Visit the Star Festival to:

  • Decorate Akiba for the Star Festival
  • Battle across Lore as you hunt for her wishes
  • Unlock the Moon Bow Ninja reward armor set after completing the story
  • Get the exclusive level 80 boss drop armor set
  • Return to the event at any time with the hanging Star Festival Decoration house item

After you complete this weekend's story, talk to Princess Miko to begin her Star Festival Gift quest. Bring her Fallen Stars and there's a chance she'll give you one of the following:

  • a piece of the Moon Bow Ninja armor set
  • Tanabata Polearm
  • Paper Crane mace
  • Soben Bowl + Sticks daggers (member-only)
  • Storm Kimono (member-only)

Return to the Festival at Any Time

If you are a member in AQWorlds, head to the Akiba House Items Shop. You can purchase the Tanabata Fest Decoration for 7,777 gold. When you click on this item, you'll be taken straight to a permanent version of Akiba, where you can continue to farm for the 0 AC Moon Bow Ninja armor set!

Then, return next week as we begin the four-part Shogun of Shadows story!

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