Stats/Training Overhaul + New Battle Log

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Stats/Training Overhaul + New Battle Log

Hollow | Saturday, March 26, 2022

Stat Overhaul:

To enable upcoming changes that make the main stats play and feel different, we're starting by making them each govern the damage and accuracy for their respective damage types. The next step is coming in 3 weeks -- In the mean time, STR and END are receiving some minor bonuses to reward their associated playstyles.

We will be reviewing any of your feedback, comments, concerns! Join the discussion on our Battleon Forums.

Training and Untraining Updates:

Exploring all the exciting new build possibilities just became a whole lot easier! Here is a complete list of the major changes:

  • Completely revamped UI.
  • Removal of all required battles for Training and Untraining.
  • Removal of Z-Token option, Training and Untraining will be gold-only.
  • Players are now able to train as many points as they want at a time in Battleon, limited only by their available funds and stat points.
  • Untraining in Battleon resets ALL stat points.
  • Untraining options for Estate Trainers will remain the same: The ability to Untrain as many points as needed, along with discounted Training.

New Battle Log:

Check out the More Options to turn the Battle Log on/off. Along with settings for font size, and the ability to resize, collapse, and move it anywhere on screen. The Battle Log currently displays:

  • All in-game popups
  • Whether a player wins or lose
  • Player/mob turns
  • Any hp/mp/sp lost or gained during a turn, or from other sources like the fountain in Battleon
  • Status effects

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