Sunbreeze Grove Update: Dragonsbreath

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Sunbreeze Grove Update: Dragonsbreath

Dove | Saturday, June 15, 2024

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Sunbreeze Grove has been updated and cleaned up!

Elysia also has a new quest available for players who have completed Book 1.

Dragonsbreath are flowers found high in the mountains, named so for their characteristic colors. These flowers were also Lady Celestia's favorites...

You can play this week's quest, Dragonsbreath, by talking to Elysia in either Book 1 or Book 3 Sunbreeze Grove.

Also this week, we have a new cosmetic weapon available for purchase!

The Feylight cosmetic scythe is color custom to both your base color and weapon element, and is available from the DC Cosmetics Shop for 400 Dragon Coins!

There have also been a number of bug fixes and adjustments!

  • Sunbreeze Grove (both Bk1 and Bk3) has been re-polished, with typos fixed, dialogue updated, and UI adjustments!
  • DragonLord now has explanations for the class, as well as Artifacts.
  • DragonLord now needs to be fully trained to purchase Color Custom/Evolved/CC Evolved customization options.
  • You can no longer purchase DragonLord customization options in the Armor Customization Room.
  • Dove in Bk3 Sunbreeze Grove will no longer appear until Calamity is completed.
  • The NumPad now works for hotkeys (requires NumLock on).
  • Fool's Opus should now unlock Darkon's room in the Inn at the Edge of Time.
  • Fixed issue where the Decadere Ancient would attempt to heal on Entropic Pull turns when its next attack would be Entropic Shatter.
  • Fixed issue where Decadere Ancient incremented a stack of Entropic Lance from the wrong attack.
  • Creatioux Ancient now updates its damage reduction stats in response to extra turns.
  • Fixed issue where leaving Amityvale town hall would send you to an older version of Amityvale.
  • Added a new button to examine your weapon, for classes/equipment that make it difficult to toggle weapon settings (such as the Elemental Dragon Scythes).
    • This new button/UI is currently still placeholder in both appearance and position!

And that's all for this week! Dove is hard at work on the Book 3 finale, and Dracelix is doing some secret projects, so this week's release was all up to me and the testers! We hope you enjoy it— we have more exciting things to come next week as well!

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