Talk Like a Pirate Day 15th Anniversary Event

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 15th Anniversary Event

Hollow | Monday, January 4, 2021

Talk Like a Pirate Day 15th Anniversary Event:
Climb aboard the Red Betty and test ye pirate knowledge with Captain Rhubarb's Pirate Quiz. This year marks the 15th year Captain Rhubarb has been making players walk the plank! So find special Crystal loot in the Pirate Shop that will only be available during the event, and then gone forever! Explore tons of other quests around Rhubarb's ship including a deep sea treasure hunt, blasting Floyd out of a cannon and much more!

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RhubZard Void Takeover:
Avast! A zard has stumbled upon a certain pirate captain's laundry and has now taken on the persona of Captain Rhubzard - waiting in The Void to test the mettle of Lore's bravest champions!

Limited-Time Shop:
Call a special seafaring BURP mercenary to your side with the Pyre Rat Contract. He will only fight if the price is right, but the sight of gold makes him fight harder than most!

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