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Set Sail for Talk Like a Pirate Day Live Event on Tuesday!

Beleen | Monday, September 18, 2023

Join AQ3D’s pirate extravaganza with 2 legendary Live Events this Tuesday – one at 3am EDT and another at 4pm EDT!

Ahoy there scallywags ‘nd landlubbers alike! Mark ye calendars, for the best day o’ the year be upon us on the morrow! Tomorrow be none other than Talk Like a Pirate Day, the day we gets to unleash our inner buccaneer and let the pirate within us pillage free on the seven seas. But that not be all, me hearties, for me got a special treat for ye in the land o’ Lore!

Me be hostin' 2 jolly Live Events on a pirate party island called... livepirate1 lol! So grab yer cutlasses .. ‘nd coffee… 'cause it be a day filled with treasure, typos, monsters, mayhem, and more than a boatload of hearty "yarrrs"!



Tuesday, September 19, 2023


1st Event: 3am EDT (Florida time)
which is 12am PDT / 8am BST / 3pm PHT 

2nd Event: 4pm EDT (Florida time)
which is 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / 4am PHT (on Wednesday) 


Pirate Party Island, easily accessible when you type /join livepirate1 in the in-game chat

Me will be playing on the Blue Dragon Server, but all me summoned monsters, mighty treasures, and silliness will take place on ALL servers simultaneously!

⚓️ So weigh anchor ‘nd set yer course for a day full o’ pirate-filled fun, frivolity, and festivities. Whether ye be a seasoned scallywag or a lily landlubber, Talk Like a Pirate Day be a time to let loose ‘nd embrace the pirate life. Me can’t wait to “sea” ye on the digital seas! 

They says that "Dead men tell no tales," but the livin' best be havin’ a grand ol’ time during the Talk Like a Pirate Day Live Events! 

Parrrrrrrrrty on!
Beleen ‘nd the AQ3D crew

PS: Don’t ye be forgettin’ ‘bout the new Screenshot Saturday Contest for TLaPD! Read the rules before ye enter, savvy!

PPS: We heard ya wishes, so we be releasin' that Rapscallion Monkey as a Pet as part of this week's game release on Wednesday 🐒

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