Terra Bloodzerker and Mogsterio Golden Giftboxes

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Terra Bloodzerker and Mogsterio Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Thursday, July 11, 2019

Golden Giftboxes - Terra Bloodzerker Armor and Blade plus Mogsterio Guest:
This cursed armour imbues you with rage so powerful that it saps your very life when you strike your foes, but in exchange those strikes become much stronger. The Bloodzerker Blade has Melee and Magic forms, plus deals even more damage if you're in a Bloodzerker armour!

Summon or Call the Mogsterio Light Guest into battle and dazzle your foes with it's powerful Light attacks. Be wary though as this villainous Guest, that is totally not a Zorbak cosplay, could damage you also!

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