Thankstaking 2021: Stew It Yourself!

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Thankstaking 2021: Stew It Yourself!

Dove | Friday, December 3, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

Thankstaking has come once again to Falconreach... and with it, the wonderful sounds of... arguing?

Everyone's helping to prepare the annual traditional feast, but Ruby and Gretel seem to have some... disagreements.

Looks like it's up to you (like always) to help out and solve their problem!

Check out this year's Thankstaking festivities in the Book of Lore!

Our Black Friday sales are now here for this week only!

The House Utility items are 50% off, and new Black Friday exclusive house items have arrived. The Pile of Gold and Pile of Dragon Coins will change appearance based on how much gold/DCs you're carrying!

Also this week, Reforged Avatar of Time has arrived in the Time Shop at Stryche.

It's certainly very sparkly, and quite powerful!

If you own the original Avatar of Time, you'll get the Reforged version for free when you log in on your character that owns it.

Finally, the Build/Outfit system has received some adjustments.

The interface has been cleaned up.

Builds and outfits, when selected, will automatically display their contents in the inventory screen (The same as searching for that specific build).

Next, build and outfit selection no longer persists between inventory sessions.

Notifications have been adjusted.

Default build/outfit is marked by a golden ring around the build/outfit button.

Inventory search is now automatic, and will process as you type without the need to press enter. (This will be added to Bank searching in the future, as well).

Thank you for all the feedback, and suggestions, and please, keep it up! There's still work to be done on it.

And... what's this? Some of ShadowHunter's tools of the trade?


And that's all for this week! 

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