Thankstaking 2023: The Thanks of Us! And Stats Update!

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Thankstaking 2023: The Thanks of Us! And Stats Update!

Dove | Monday, November 20, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This year's Thankstaking feast is upon us! Luckily for you, all the ingredients have already been gathered, and there's no sign of any trouble. Could it possibly be a peaceful Thankstaking at last?

No, of course not. Something, or someone, has brought all the previously cooked turduckens back to life! And now they're running rampant all over Falconreach!

Somebody (that's you) is going to have to chase them down and get to the root of the problem!

"The Thanks of Us" is now available from the Book of Lore!

Also this week, the Strength and Luck stats have been updated! (Along with some fixes to how negative stats are calculated).

  • Strength (STR)
    • STR's noncrit modifier has been increased to +(STR * 3/20)%, up from +(STR/10)%. 
    • 200 STR now increases noncrit damage by +30%. 
    • On average, STR will yield more damage than INT if your crit rate is below 60% instead of below 50%. (But don't forget about auto crit skills etc skewing this!)
    • Strength needed a bit of a boost, and after going through all the possible options, this felt like the best way to help it. Adding new mechanics, as interactive/interesting as they were, felt either too niche or situational.
  • Luck (LUK)
    • LUK now reduces the cooldown of Trinket and On-Demand special skills by 1 for every 50 LUK, capped at -4 CD at 200 LUK.
    • This means initial On-Demand charge-up is reduced by 1 for every 100 LUK.
    • Unless they naturally have lower, On-Demand special skill cooldown is floored at a minimum of 2 CD/1 charge-up. (So if you havea 4 CD Special and 200 LUK, it will be 2 CD).
    • We also contemplated having LUK similarly increase On-Hit special rate, but decided against it for now, as On-Hit specials already scale with attacks that do multiple hits. However, this is not entirely off the table, and we'll see how things go from here.
  • All negative stat thresholds now round towards 0 like positive thresholds. 
    • For example, -1 LUK no longer gives -1 MPM/BPD, needing at least -20 LUK to do so.

There have also been a number of other adjustments and fixes!

  • On-Demand Special charge-up and cooldown have been globally increased by 1.
  • On-Hit specials now properly roll out of 100, rather than 101.
    • Due to how this was implmented, On-Hit specials have lost about 1% chance to activate.
  • An option for including/excluding Slotted Specials in builds has been added to the Options menu.
  • Not-So-Tiny Bubbles Trinket now has a proper skill icon.
  • The Glimmerwing scythe no longer has different scaling for its On-Demand special in the Inn at the Edge of Time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lucky Water consumable item was no longer accessible.
  • The description of Lucky Water has been adjusted.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

Also this week, we have a new cosmetic item available!

The Bound Crypt Edge cosmetic weapon is sure to strike fear in the hearts of your foes!

And that's all for this week!

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