The 2021 Olympax

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The 2021 Olympax

Hollow | Thursday, July 22, 2021

The 2021 Olympax:

Patriotic Paxians, rejoice! The island we call home is ready to make a comeback as we start things off celebrating Paxia's most recent victory over it's foes! Join us for food, fighting and fun as we have a friendly competition to see which clans have the greatest champions! Paxus has organized this event to celebrate Paxia’s defeat over one of its greatest foes -- the Truphma! Paxia united to push the Truphma back and reclaim the island. In that spirit of unity we celebrate by defeating the Truphma effigies, with special prizes for the top players that defeat the most Truphma during the contest and Trophies for the top 3 clans with the most wins! This contest will end August 5th, so sharpen those edges and dust off your finest Truphma-slaying gear!



Limited-Time Shop:

The Lorelympian Torch has returned! A replica of a torch used in ceremonial competitions of sport on Terra, it doles out powerful Fire damage and has a very powerful special attack!

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