The Ancient Abyss Epilogue & Book 3 Reimagined!

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The Ancient Abyss Epilogue & Book 3 Reimagined!

Dove | Friday, February 3, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

Congratulations on completing the Ancient Abyss war! With the ancient temple of the depths secured from Kathool's influence, there's just one last thing to do...

Also this week, the Book 3 quest "My Spot" has been reimagined!

Complete the Ancient Abyss Epilogue to obtain a new weapon reward, created by True Mortal!

The dialogue in "My Spot" has been adjusted, and an extra mini-scene has been added to show the travel across the sea. Skip buttons have been added, along with a cosmetic weapon reward.

Tournament of Champions part 1/2, and Timelines still need some finishing touches. They're still in the works for when Dove has time to revisit them.

You can access the Ancient Abyss Epilogue from the Ancient Abyss war in the Book of Lore, and you can play the reimagined "My Spot" from Kara in Sulen'Eska.

Also, announcing a new piece of DragonFable merchandise!

The Requiescendi Somniare poster is now available from HeroMart!

If you're a fan of Remthalas, Dracelix has designed a poster of the dreamer in repose, now available from HeroMart!

Check it out here!

Purchasing it earns you two HeroPoints, which you can spend at Stryche's shop in-game to obtain the Abyssal Aureate cosmetic weapon!

And that's all for this week!

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