The Arrival of the Magi & The Mana Tree

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The Arrival of the Magi & The Mana Tree

Dove | Friday, December 8, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Book 3's main story continues with a new cutscene quest: The Arrival of the Magi!

With this quest, the last pieces are finally in place, and the assault on the Rose encampment is imminent...

Also this week, Zvezdana has a new task for you with The Mana Tree!

Explore the massive mana altered tree looming over the Fissure-affected area in search of a fruit that could help the Magesters last just a bit longer...

And maybe even take one for yourself!

Head over to Outpost Yeden to play this week's quests: The Arrival of the Magi and The Mana Tree!

Also this week, new cosmetic weapons have arrived!

A whole set of IceWept cosmetic weapons are now available from the cosmetics shop in Cysero's Superstore!

Finally, a new quality of life feature and a bug fix!

  • Graphics quality can now be adjusted using keybinds.
    • Use [ to decrease quality and ] to increase quality.
  • Fixed an issue where some on-hit specials would not appear in the Special skill button.

And that's all for this week! We'll be trying to do another main story release next week if we can... (otherwise it'll be the week after). The clash between The Rose and the Mageseterium is about to begin!

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