The Dragonlord Set - Obsidian Roots

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The Dragonlord Set - Obsidian Roots

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

Dragonlorn Keep - Obsidian Roots:

Dekanor, former Great Dragon of Darkness and guardian to the gates of Dragonlorn Keep’s central chamber, warned of a darker dream. One that binds the spirits who haunt the dark crystal roots at the center of the keep. Surviving the deepest depths of Dragonlorn Keep will require easing the dreaming trance of the fallen Dragonlords with... unusual help. What terrible secrets await in the roots that almost swallowed the daylight?

In this finale to the Exploration of Dragonlorn Keep, unlock powerful high-level exclusive Dragonlord Set gear! You may want to get those holiday stretchy pants out early because you are in for one titan of a battle.

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