The Final Friday the 13th

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The Final Friday the 13th

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021


Join us on Delta V for the Final Friday the 13th! Well, not the last Friday the 13th ever, just this year, but it does sound much more dramatic and urgent to phrase it at the final one. Visit Dage and Caden for dark and devious treats to add to your arsenal. While you're shopping, browse the refreshed home item shop for new devilish décor to spruce up your epic dwelling for the upcoming holiday season.

New items:

Visit Caden for new Friday the 13th seasonal rares!

  • Slasher Machete P
  • Slasher Machete E
  • Spirit Binder P
  • Spirit Binder E
  • Spirit Harvester Scythe P
  • Spirit Harvester Scythe E
  • Spirit Harvester Sword P
  • Spirit Harvester Sword E

In addition to new weapons, Dage's 2020 Birthday weapons have returned to his shop so grab them before they're gone for the year!

Home items

The home item shop has been stocked with a new batch of items to add some cursed, grim flavor to your humble dwellings. It's not Halloween, but it is Friday the 13th so they're still technically on-theme!

  • Dark Cauldron
  • Pumpkin of Darkness Right
  • Pumpkin of Darkness Left
  • Black Wood Chair Right
  • Black Wood Chair Left
  • Dark Bed Right
  • Dark Bed Left
  • Unlucky Mirror
  • Dark Wall Torch
  • Ghost Portrait
  • Ghostly Lantern
  • Reaping Spirit Right
  • Reaping Spirit Left
  • Dark Offering Right
  • Dark Offering Left
  • Crossed Spirit Binders
  • Crossed Spirit Scythes
  • Dark Alchemy Shelf
  • Small Dark Alchemy Shelf
  • Small Skull Shelf
  • Bat Right
  • Bat Left
  • Evil Cake


New Achievements

What's this? A Friday the 13th so close to Nightwraith's birthday? Something must be done about that! Something like...making a new rare achievement!

  • Nightwraith Friday the 13th


Returning Boss

With this update, you'll have another chance to challenge Nightmare Dage once again! Can you collect all of his rare Nightmare drops?​

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