The Maleurous: Reactivation

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The Maleurous: Reactivation

Dove | Friday, March 12, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to the Maleurous saga!

Last time, under orders from the Avatars, you and Uaanta managed to save Myalos from the clutches of the other Maleurous with aid from the enigmatic Lock and Key.

However, when your job was finished, you were summoned once more by the Avatars- this time with some unexpected guests!

The plots of the remaining Maleurous are in motion, so prepare for war with this week's release: Reactivation!

Also, we have a number of bug fixes this week.

  • Fixed an issue where DoomKnight V1 guests or PvP enemies were causing instant defeat.
  • Fixed an issue where Sinnocence (all versions) would recognize non-weapons as Destiny or Doom weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Valtrith (should be all versions) would ignore Immobility resistance.
  • Fixed a bug where the final enemy in Yashta's Pellow Village random quest was named "Really Dirty Uniform".
  • The Tomix guest should now be properly removed from "Adrift" and "Origins of Aspar" when completing the quests.
  • The Void War quest "Through the Door", as well as the above two quests are now teleport locked.
  • Fixed missing characters in the quest description and completion of "Adrift".
  • Fixed "Murky Hall" not renaming the player to "Vaal".
  • Fixed an issue where Sek Duat in "Sands of Eternity" would apply undefined resistance to his target, rather than +25 resistance to himself of your dragon's element.
  • Fixed a bug where the belt "Seaweed Entangled Links" gave undefined resistance.


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