The Night of the Ebil Dread is Almost Over!

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The Night of the Ebil Dread is Almost Over!

Dove | Friday, October 21, 2022

Hey there, heroes!

The war's 75% mark has been passed, and Artix is in sight! The Night of the Ebil Dread may nearly be over... if you can make that last push to the end!

Battle on and slay the hordes of undead! Catch up to Artix and get your hands on that Ebil Book!

The undead await, but Artix waits for no one when there are undead to be slain!

Join the war for the epic finale and do your part to save Falconreach!

(Trick-or-treating will be coming with next week's update!)

Also this week, we have a few adjustments and fixes.

  • The Log and Battle Log now have a limit of 75000 characters before old log entries are overwritten. This will hopefully reduce lag from long playsessions.
  • The Log's anti-duplicate message suppression has been changed. All duplicate basic messages are now universally suppressed, compared to before, when they would not be suppressed in battle. Non-basic messages will not be suppressed.
  • The Freedom and Unity weapons that previously could not overwrite their own DoT effects can now apply their DoT effects even when already applied. (So many colors!)

And that's all for this week!

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